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Wordle Answer Key Thursday, September 16, 2022 – Wordle is a casual game that is currently very popular. Where in the game, you are required to guess the word and have the opportunity to answer at least 6 times for the word provided on that day.

Not only fun to play, players also find new vocabulary to increase the number of words that you can use every day.

Well, if you are interested in playing Wordle, you can visit the official Wordle website, and follow the directions to start playing the game.

How to play the Wordle game:

Some things you need to pay attention to in playing the Wordle game are

  • Color is very important in the Wordle game and indicates several things in the game.
  • If the player gets gray, there is no such letter in the word
  • If the player gets a yellow, the letter is used but not in the correct position
  • If the player gets a Green, the Letters and position are correct so they don’t need to be changed the next time.

Wordle’s Answer Today: Thursday, September 16, 2022

Here are the Answers to the Wordle Quiz for Thursday, September 16, 2022, for those who want to play the game and brag about it to your friends:

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