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/wl5vwoby2rqg55h/ff_offline.apk/Free Fire Offline APK file – Recently a viral link /wl5vwoby2rqg55h/ff_offline.apk/Free Fire file which leads to an application where players can play FF ​​games offline without quota.

What is /wl5vwoby2rqg55h/ff_offline.apk/file??

Link: /wl5vwoby2rqg55h/ff_offline.apk/file is the Fire Offline apk link from Mister Alex.

This link can be a very useful link for Free Fire players, especially those who are running out of quota and want to continue playing the game.

The application is now being hunted by many people. How come? players will be able to play the Free Fire game offline as much as they want without worrying about running out of quota.

Free Fire APK Download Link wl5vwoby2rqg55h/ff_offline.apk/file:

If you want to download this apk please click Here.

The installation method is as easy as installing applications in general, you just need to download the APK from the link above, open the application, then play.

How to Download

This application will help you play FF ​​offline without quota. Very interesting isn’t it? Here’s how to download in full:

  • Click the download link above, you will be directed to the section to download the application
  • If the download is complete, do the installation and wait until the installation process is complete
  • When finished, login to your Fire Free Fire game, now the game can be played offline

Will Free Fire Be Abolished In Indonesia??

Petition Blocking Free fire — Free Fire or ff games are games that are mostly played by children or commonly referred to as FF bocils.

It turns out that this Free Fire game has a negative impact on these young players.

Because of the impact given, it turns out that many people have expressed their dislike for this Free Fire game.

Now a petition has even appeared calling for the government through the Ministry of Communication and Information to block this Free Fire game.

Why Does the Free Fire Block Petition Appear?

Before we reveal where you can find the petition to delete Free Fire, we will first explain why this petition to delete FF can appear.

This petition arises because of the public’s concern that this Free Fire game can damage the morals of the nation’s successors.

The thing that triggered this petition was the spread of a video where a boy was praying while imitating the Free Fire Push Up emote and stealing charity money to buy goods in the Free Fire game.

Block petition aknow Delete FF

You can find the FF blocking petition on the online petition signing site,

Currently this block petition has been signed by more than 177,200 people and this number will continue to increase towards 200,000 signatures.

In the petition to block Free Fire, the community asks the government and Garena to act decisively in addressing this issue.

In the petition, it is stated that the community recommends that Garena limit only those aged 16 years and over who can play the Free Fire game.

Garena also has to create a system that can verify age, so that Free Fire children under 16 years old cannot play this game.

Garena can also give warnings directly in the game, so there is a sense of deterrence.

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