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With This Feature, Searching Chats On Whatsapp Will Be Easier

AYOTEKNO.ID--WhatsApp currently has a new feature which is still under development which makes searching for chats even easier.

Meta’s messaging app will allow users to more easily search for messages in chats by enabling chat search by date.

According to a report by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp has continued development of this feature after removing it last year.

This feature was spotted in early 2022, but was later removed for some of the more relevant feature sets, and was never released to the general public.

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After releasing the WhatsApp beta update for iOS from TestFlight, WhatsApp is planning to release this feature again.

This feature will come in handy if the user forgets the conversation or a specific subject, but manages to remember the date.

This feature can help them sort out chats without having to remember certain keywords. All they need is to filter by mentioning the date of the conversation.

Currently, the feature is being developed for iOS only. This is very common among app developers as it will allow them to focus more on the actual development, by not having to worry about customizing features for different devices.