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Wish Upon A Lantern Genshin Event : How to Collect Lanterns on Day 2

Genshin Impact is giving away 1 billion Primogems for free through the Wish Upon A Lantern event. In this event, the player must enter the event webpage and complete the given task to get the lantern.

Then release them to collect five kinds of Xiao Lantern. Players will get some of the total 1 billion Primogems divided equally.

Genshin Impact: How to Collect Xiao Lantern on Day 2 of the Wish Upon A Lantern Event

  • First, players need to go to the event web page click here.
  • After going to the event page, players will be asked to login with a MiHoYo account to continue the event process on the second day.
  • Register and the event page will appear.
  • It says “release lantern” on it. Click on it to release the lantern

Wish Upon A Lantern Genshin Event : How to Collect Lanterns on Day 2

  • The next prompt will display a list of available tasks to earn more lanterns for the day. which can be released to obtain one of the five types of Xiao Lantern. Follow the instructions to complete the task and get the lantern.
  • After receiving the lantern, release it to get a Xiao Lantern and a gift box containing mystic enhancement ores, mora, and other rewards.
  • After releasing the lanterns, players can return to the event’s home page and check whether five types of lanterns have been obtained or not.

lantern genshin

The odds of getting all five lanterns are random. If players get a lantern of the same type, they can log in the next day and try to get the remaining Xiao Lanterns.

Players with an Adventure Rank of at least 10 and having collected all five Xiao Lanterns before September 25th, stand a chance to get rewards.

The prize of 1 billion Primogems will be distributed equally among all eligible participants from September 26 to September 4.

How Many Primogems Does Each Player Get?

There has been no official announcement regarding the current Genshin base player from MioYo. Some sources say the number is around 39.3 million as of the end of 2022.

However, Genshin Impact alone had more than 21 million players pre-registered before its global release. In the first and third weeks the number was over 17 million. There are probably more than 50 million users combined for PC, Mobile and PS4 platforms to date.

Given that some of the numbers listed are inactive, blocked or changed accounts, it is likely that around 40 million players are active in Genshin.

If the above speculation is close to the actual numbers, players can expect around 30 to 35 Primogems as rewards from the Wish Upon a Lantern event. Assuming the number of participants is around 30 million.

Primogem is supposed to be distributed on September 26, 2022. The number may increase or decrease depending on factors such as number of regular event participants, number of participating players from multiple accounts.

As well as the number of players who failed to ignite five different Xiao Lanterns despite being eligible to participate.

These figures are just speculation, and do not guarantee their accuracy, as MihoYo has not disclosed any information about the current player base number.