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Wins 4 Titles in a row, What Makes EVOS LYNX So Consistent?

EVOS Ladies, which has now transformed into EVOS LYNX, shows their consistency in the Indonesian Women’s Mobile Legends scene. Since the Woman Star League (WSL Season 1), this team has continued to gain achievements.

They have won four titles in a row. First, during WSL season 1, the team immediately came out as champions. Then, in another women’s-only MLBB tournament, Dignity of Srikadi they managed to bring home two trophies.

And finally, in WSL Season 2, Funi et al again won the title. Even though he was overwhelmed when he entered the end of the regular season because he was defeated by the Belletron Era. However, the EVOS Ladies’ play in the playoffs was very maximal.

Even in the grand final, the opponent, Alter Ego NYX, was cut down so that he could not steal a single point. The team lost heavily to EVOS LYNX with a score of 3-0.

It seems to be de javu considering that in season 1 last, EVOS also won 3-0 against Siren Moon in the final match.

Far Superior Team Mechanic Understanding and Capacity

What makes the EVOS LYNYX this cool? According to Mobile Legends analysts, this team’s playing pattern is above the average for other teams.

Their understanding of each other as well as their mechanics is also far superior to that of the other teams. If last season, Violet was the MVP, now it’s Winda Earl’s turn to occupy that position.

Earl’s game did look consistent throughout the game. After returning from his break, Earl proved himself to be a female Mobile Legends player who could be considered great and qualified.

Occupying a tank role, this one player is considered to have above average abilities. That’s why he was named MVP this season.

Pool Hero and Chemistry That Makes EVOS LYNX Win

Wins Four consecutive titles, What Makes EVOS LYNX So Consistent?

After winning WSL Season 2, Earl and Violet commented on the difference between their team and other teams. There is something that makes EVOS LYNX appear consistent and dominate the match until now.

On one occasion, Violet explained to KB and Pak Pulung that Pool heroes and chemistry made them dominate in WSL Season 2. The mechanics are also better than other teams.

The Earl went on to say that they were just more experienced and lowered each other’s egos. Don’t forget to also listen to each other’s opinions, so that there are more thoughts.

Violet also shares her opinion on why Alter Ego has not been able to keep up with EVOS until now. According to him, the ego of the players is still high, that’s because usually women like that, elevate their ego. Septemberbe, they also have a miscommunication so the chemistry is a bit disrupted.

The increasing number of championship titles achieved by EVOS LYNX makes this team considered the strongest female team in the pro scene of Mobile Legends. This seems to be starting to attract many teams like RRQ and Onic to create the MLBB women’s division.

Reportedly, the CEO of RRQ, Andrian Pauline, is considering creating an MLBB ladies division because he sees the excitement of WSL.

‘WSL looks fun, too. In your opinion, is it necessary for RRQ to form an MLBB Ladies team?” wrote Mr. AP in his Insta Story upload.