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Why is Cypher Disabled from Valorant?

Valorant players cannot play as Cypher anymore as Riot Games disabled the character for some urgent fixes.

The Valorant 4.04 update has been a fairly flawed patch from Riot Games which caused a lot of problems in the game at launch.

Not long after Riot Games released a new update, they removed Yoru and Astra from the game to apply some important improvements to the characters.

However, that is not the end of urgent fixes. Last night, Valorant’s official Twitter account revealed that they had also disabled Cypher.

Cypher Disabled in Valorant Due to Exploit After Update 4.04

As revealed on Twitter, Riot Games said that Cypher has been disabled due to an exploit that needs to be fixed urgently.

It’s not yet known when the character will return to the game, but it’s now over 6 hours, and Cypher is still out of reach for players.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any clue about the exploit. We know that Cypher had previously had some glitches in his tripwire that gave him an unfair advantage.

But the bug should have been fixed with the 4.04 update unless it caused a bigger problem.

This is very disappointing because Riot Games has not tested the update before rolling it out and deploying it to the game’s main server.

If Valorant had a Public Test Server similar to many other competitive multiplayer games, this issue would not arise.