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Who Really Is Sabine Valorant? Here's the explanation!

Currently, Valorant players keep hearing the name “Sabine” when playing the game. Who exactly is Sabine Valorant? What is the code name? Or a new agent?

Launching from several sources, Sabine is not a new agent. Where many players speculate that Sabine is a leaked name from a new agent.

Who is Sabine?

Sabine in Valorant is a name that comes up often but many players don’t know who she really is. He is not a new agent to come, but a Viper (according to viocelines Omen).

If you are a regular player, you might get the impression that Sabine is Reyna’s version of the vampire agent. But, that’s not true.

What are some clues that reveal who Sabine is in Valorant? And what is its role in the game?

Sabine is a type of Viper. If there are two Vipers in a match, the voice line says “I’m coming for you Sabine”. While Omen says “Don’t die here Sabine”, I need your secret, if there is an ally Viper”.

On another occasion, Sabine is called Delilah which means the full name of this viper is Delilah Sabine. Riot has not officially disclosed this. However, some players believe that Sabine and Viper are the same person.

He is one of the least played agents in the game but has a mysterious personality. The players know very little about the background of the story.

Not a New Agent

On some forums, players say Viper and Omen may have married in the past. This could also explain why Omen knows more about Viper than the audience and other agents.

However, this is just their speculation. Looks like Riot needs to reveal Sabine’s background more clearly.

A number of players must have heard Sabine’s voice line when Viper was not present. Most of the Valorant community has considered this a bug, as it has happened to other characters as well. For example Phoenix will often mention there is a second Phoenix when he is the only one in the game.

So far, it seems that Sabine is actually just a Viper. While this means there is no new agent named Sabine, it still creates a lot of mystery surrounding the Viper and the knowledge of the agent.

Players’ curiosity about the backstory of each agent does not yet have a definite answer because there has been no direct explanation from Riot.

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