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Who is Istaroth in Genshin Impact?

Recently, in Genshin Impact version 2.5, there was one name that kept popping up: Istaroth. While diving into the lores of Enkanomiya, Mondstadt, and even Raiden Shogun’s second Story Quest, Istaroth is mentioned several times.

Istaroth is mostly referred to as “she,” although his exact appearance is unknown. However, there was a lot of material that could be discussed about this mysterious individual.

Who is Istaroth in Genshin Impact and What’s the History in Each Region

Istaroth was a god who had power over time and wind, and was most likely one of Primordial One’s four shining colors.

He is known by several names such as:

  • The God of Moments
  • The God of Time
  • Master of Time
  • Ruler of Time
  • Kairos
  • The Thousand Winds of Time
  • The Thousand Winds
  • Tokoyo Ookami
  • The Undying Wind
  • Htoratsi

Both before and after the founding of The Seven, he was worshiped in Mondstadt and Enkanomiya. At Mondstadt, the devotion to him and the sense of his presence had faded. However, his memories had been subtly preserved through the expression about “the winds of time”