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What is Thumbs up in Mobile Legends? This is the explanation

Mobile Legends has daily players that continue to increase from year to year. In September 2022 alone, this game took the 4th position as the esports game with the highest audience. This time, the article will discuss what thumbs up is in Mobile Legends.

Many interesting features are presented by Moonton that make old players feel more at home and many new players are interested in joining. One of them is thumbs up. New players may be confused about what thumbs up is? Here we provide an explanation.

Explanation What is Thumbs Up in Mobile Legends

The term thumbs up comes from English which means thumbs up. Its function is like the “like” feature on Facebook.

These likes are given to players or teammates who are considered very good at playing. After the match is over, you can see the final score as a testament to the quality of the game from that person.

From there, you can decide whether to give a thumbs up or not.

How To Give Thumbs To Other Players

There are two ways if you want to give a thumbs up to another player. The first way is after completing the match.

What is Thumbs up in Mobile Legends?  This is the explanation

On the result screen, there will be two choices, namely giving a thumbs up or following to the player in question. The thumb icon will give you a thumbs up or like while the love icon will make you follow.

Another way is to go to the profile of the player you want to give a thumbs up. Namely by tapping the player’s profile picture and then clicking the check button.

On the right side of the screen, there are four icons and one of them is a thumb image. That’s the thumbs up button, if you tap the icon it will automatically give likes to the player in question.

What is Thumbs up in Mobile Legends?  This is the explanation

What is the Thumbs Up Function in Mobile Legends?


Just like social media platforms, this like or thumbs up will make the player’s feed more recognizable. Like will give you charisma points.

In addition to this thumbs up, charisma points will increase if someone likes the player’s gallery photo. Or give gifts and comments when doing a live stream.

The more charisma points you collect, the more famous the player becomes. Please note, Moonton now does not only provide a leaderboard for the highest ranked.

But also for players with the most charisma points, they also have their own leaderboard.

How to Get Thumbs Up in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is now adopting the friendship feature as well as social media. That’s why, an easy way to get likes in this game is to make friends with more players.

Don’t forget your attitude, don’t be toxic, especially with players you just met. Thus, the chance of getting a thumbs up is higher

Well, that’s an explanation of what thumbs up is in Mobile Legends. In addition to improving playing skills, keep in mind also, don’t be toxic because instead of likes you will get instead hatred.