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What is Poaching PUBG and the list of players who stumbled on this case

Term Poaching been mentioned a lot lately. Microboy aka Nizar Lugatio Pratama is said to have been poaching the reason why he moved to EVOS Esports. Actually, What is Poaching PUBG?

Septemberbe they were disappointed at first that Microboy said he wanted to retire, but it turned out to be a transfer to EVOS. Some netizens think he left Bigetron RA due to Poaching.

Uncomfortable with the circulating issue, Coboy opened his voice. He said that joining Evos was not a result poaching but because the contract has expired as of December 2022.

This kind of accusation is not uncommon, especially for players who move from one team to another. What does the term actually mean? poaching anyone who has been involved in a case like this?

What is PUBG Poaching?

Poaching is a serious and fatal problem involving esports both nationally and internationally.

Poaching is an action taken by an individual (usually a senior) to recruit players from other teams by contacting them directly. Not through the management of the player first.

Poaching Also known as player hijacking. In this case, one team tries to take players from the other team without the permission and agreement of the management.

List of Players Suspected of Poaching

There are, players whose contracts were terminated as a result of poaching this. There are also teams who are given strict warnings to fines for piracy player. Who are they? Here’s more.

1. Muhammad “Bobbs” Yurryansyah


List of first players to do poaching PUBG is Boobs. He was dragged into a case poaching when he joined The Pillars. Although relatively new, the esports team created by Ariel Noah was able to become a dark horse during PMPL Season 1.

Unfortunately, one of the players, namely Boobs, had to be dishonorably expelled. The reason is because he was known to be involved in poaching by an Indonesian esports team. The Pillars finally reported this incident to Tencent as the tournament organizer.

2. The inspiration of “Susugajah” Bahrul

the inspiration of “Susugajah” Bahrul

Ilham had become the target of two big Arena of Valor teams, namely GGWP and Evos Esports. This player was in poaching by Evos.

Coinciding with the holding of ASL Season 2, the GGWP reported the incident to Garena as the tournament organizer and publisher.

After investigation, it turned out to be true, EVOS Esports made an effort poaching and found guilty. Garena then gave a warning to the white tiger team.

3. Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi


One of the big teams in the realm of League of Legends, INTZ was sentenced by Riot Games. At that time, the Brazil-based team did poaching to Red Canids player Sacy aka Gustavo Rossi.

However, the team evaded and after being properly investigated, INTZ did so and the team was eventually fined US$5,000. The owner, Rogerio Rodrigues, was also banned for 10 months.

Even though it is considered detrimental, the action poaching This is still often done by a number of irresponsible parties. To minimize incidents, publishers inevitably have to step in to protect the team left by the player poaching.

There should be clear regulations regarding this kind of action so that it doesn’t happen again. How do you respond? Septemberbe it’s normal if you enter Indonesia through people in the term.

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