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What is ICP Coin? Know the Price and Other Information about This Token

ICP Coin – Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency market has grown rapidly as the price of the most popular crypto, Bitcoin, has skyrocketed. Many new cryptocurrencies are also being launched.

Like Safemoon and Shiba which are made for quick profits. However, there are some that have real-world applications. Next we will discuss ICP Coin, a recently launched cryptocurrency that continues to receive attention.

What is ICP Coin or ICP Token?

The ICP token promises many new innovations in the crypto sector. The team behind the ICP cryptocurrency is the DFINITY Foundation, which has been working on developing the ICP coin for many years.

ICP stands for Internet Computer. These ICP tokens promise to revolutionize the crypto industry with everything they claim in their proposal.

The ICP token will be the first blockchain that can host websites, systems, internet services and entire financial systems built entirely from smart contractswithout a private system.

If you create a website using the ICP blockchain, you don’t have to pay for a hosting service to host the website. Because it will be done within the blockchain itself.

As per their blog, Cloud services are no longer needed to create DApps. In addition, DFINITY promises that all applications and systems will run at web speed.

Web applications will be efficient, and blockchain will help DApps and systems to expand without limits.

If ICP really fulfills its promise, the ICP token has the potential to become one of the most valuable tokens in the world, one of which is in terms of market capitalization.

Where Can I Buy ICP Tokens?

According to the price on Coin Market Place, the ICP token price stands at $472.42 and is one of the most expensive coins.

ICP tokens can be purchased on the CoinList exchange. Binance has also announced that it will soon launch ICP Tokens for trading there.

For more complete information about ICP visit the website at

DISCLAIMER : the information we provide is for insight purposes only and does not constitute investment or trading advice. We do not recommend purchasing any cryptocurrency.

The crypto market is very volatile and investments are quite risky. You need to find out on your own about the cryptocurrency to buy and consult an expert before starting to invest.