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What is Golden Vow FF for and how to get it?

Recently, an item called Golden Vow is being discussed by Free Fire players. So, what is Golden Vow FF for and how do you get it? We will discuss it in this article.

These items are often found on the in-game screen. To be precise, after this game got the OB26 update in early September where there was a new feature, namely Dynamic Duo.

Confused about the relationship between the Dynamic duo and Golden Vow? Read this article to the end.

What is Golden Vow FF?

What is Golden Vow FF for and how to get it?

Garena Free Fire provides an official statement regarding what Golden Vow FF is for. They wrote “You can form a special bond with your friends by buying Golden Vow at the Free Fire store.

Once you and your friends have become Dynamic Duos, you can unlock a series of achievements based on the time the two of you have spent playing together.

Find your best playmate and start your journey together”

In dynamic duo, you can choose your partner to be your partner, and can get various attractive prizes by carrying out missions together or playing together.

Simply put, this Golden Vow is an item that can be used to activate Dynamic Duo. Useful for sending partner invitations where you can choose a partner to be your friend while on a mission together.

You can later explore the map with friends together with the same achievements. This is suitable for playing with friends in a gang or with a girlfriend.

How to Get Golden Vow

How to get it? First, you can buy it through the shop. The price is 100 diamonds.

However, Garena is currently holding a top up event starting on 3 to 9 September 2022. This is a good opportunity where you can have the opportunity to take home this Golden Vow for free as a top up prize.

Get Free Golden Vow with Minimum 100 Diamond Top Up

how to get free golden vows

Good news for those who are eyeing Free Golden Vow. You can take part in the FF top up event. just refill at least 100 diamonds and this applies to multiples.

per 100 diamonds, you will get 1 Golden Vow. If 200 diamonds will get 2, and so on. The maximum top up is 1000 diamonds.

When else will there be a top up bonus that applies to multiples like this? Come on, don’t waste it. Especially for those of you who want to have many partners or change playing partners. Take advantage of this Free Golden Vow.

Well, that’s information about the function of the Golden Vow for what and how to get it. Don’t miss it because the golden flow free diamond top up event lasts only one week.

Starting from September 3 to 9, 2022. The more friends you have, the bigger the prizes you can bring home.