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What is BR FF Mode?, Everything You Need to Know About This Mode

There are many modes in Free Fire, one of which is BR Mode. What is BRFF Mode? We will review it in this article.

This game with the battle royale genre does have active players who continue to grow every day. For players who are new to Free Fire, they must be unfamiliar with the term battle royale that often appears.

Well, this article will share information about issues that players must know before diving into battle royale more deeply.

What is BRFF Mode?

BR stands for Battle Royale. Is one of the most played battle modes in the game.

In this mode, there are three maps used, namely Bermuda 2.0, Kahari and Purgatory.

Later there will be 50 players who jump from the plane to an unknown island. They are required to find and loot various weapons and utilities to help them survive.

This BR mode also consists of circular zones and continues to shrink within a certain time. Players must fight with other players using weapons and items obtained from loot or loot.

The last person standing is the winner.

How to Play Battle Royale (BR) Mode on Free Fire?

Players can follow these steps to play BR mode on Free Fire:

  • Run the game and wait for the default loading screen to appear
  • Select the mode selection mode in the upper right corner of the screen
  • A number of play modes will be displayed on the menu bar
  • Select one of the map options displayed, except Cosmic Reader and Resurrection mode
  • Tap the start option in the lower right corner of the screen

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Guide to Playing BR Free Fire Mode

The main target of the player is to be the last one standing. In BR mode you only have one life. If you are dead, you will return to the lobby without getting anything, the term is surrender.

You can take the main weapon, backup, pistol, close combat or melee weapons each.

The supply slots in the backpack are limited. If your backpack is full, remove items you don’t really need to include new, more useful items.

You can use med-kits, mushrooms and drinks to restore HP. Vehicles will often appear on roads or settlements, as well as weapons and resources.

If you manage to defeat the enemy, you can loot their weapons and supplies.

The play zone will narrow over time. You have to stay in the white circle to be safe from the dangerous electric zone.

You can bring a pet with special skills to support the battle. The use of skins can also make the character stronger.

You can also combine it with three other character skills so that the team can be the last one standing.

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