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What are the Effects of Playing Mobile Legends and Other Online Games? This is the Negative Impact!

Playing online games like MLBB when you are bored or just filling your spare time is fun. However, if excessive will bring health and mental disorders. So what are the effects of playing Mobile Legends and other online games?

In fact, some cases can result in death. Anything in excess is not good. The following are the health effects caused by playing too many online games in full.

1. What are the effects of playing Mobile Legends and other online games? – Addicted

One of the health problems that are often found in children and adolescents who play too much online games is addiction. Research says that the obsession caused by playing games is the same as drug or alcohol abuse.

The effect, a person will be less focused in everyday life. It was because his mind was focused solely on the game.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also established online game addiction as a mental disorder.

Reporting from SehatQ, addiction to this game can also trigger other mental disorders such as stress, depression to anxiety disorders.

2. Visual disturbances

Too often staring at the gadget screen to play games can also increase the risk of impaired eye function. Blue light from smartphones can damage the retina.

In addition, long-term effects can lead to an increased risk of macular degeneration, glaucoma, and degenerative retinal disease that can lead to blindness.

3. Obesity or even Weight Loss Drastically

The long-term impact of playing Mobile Legends and other online games has an impact on physical and mental health. This addiction can cause children’s health to decline and eat less. As a result, the weight decreased drastically.

There are also those that lead to obesity because large portions of food are not matched by physical activity.

4. Quervain’s syndrome

Reporting from WebMD, Quervain’s syndrome is a disorder caused by inflammation of the tendons. As a result, the thumb to the wrist will feel sore.

This syndrome results from activities that focus solely on repetitive hand movements, such as playing online games.

5. What are the effects of playing Mobile Legends and other online games? – Aggressive Behavior and Mental Problems

A number of studies reveal that those who often play games become more depressed and anxious than those who are not gamers. Children who are addicted to games become more impulsive and clumsy.

Children’s anger also increases because their game playing activities are disturbed. Another mental problem that is no less dangerous is social phobia, where children withdraw from social environments and are reluctant to socialize. That’s because all day they just focus on playing games.

There have been many cases of children experiencing mental disorders due to games that have to be treated in mental hospitals. It was because of their impulsive behavior which was already in a dangerous stage.

When it is forbidden to direct the expression of emotions is very high. Can throw things, can even threaten with sharp weapons if he doesn’t comply with his requests, such as quotas or cellphones.

In essence, anything in excess is not good, including playing games. So you should limit the time playing gadgets, don’t get addicted to forgetting to do schoolwork, forget to eat, don’t want to study, and so on.

If you aspire to be a Pro Player, you don’t have to play games 24 hours a day, right? Limit the use of gadgets, you can schedule daily activities, what time you can hold your cellphone, study, and so on. Do not forget to exercise too because it is important for a healthy body and soul.

However, behind the negative impact, playing games like Mobile Legends also has a positive impact. You can read about it here: Positive Impact of Playing Mobile Legends