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Viral Mother Goblokin Courier COD, Peek 5 Funny Memes Made by Netizens, Makes You Laugh

Mom is going viral, blocking the COD courier. From the beginning of the video, it can be seen that the mother is angry and says block stupid to the courier.

I don’t know how many times the stupid block sentence has come from the mother’s mouth. He berated the courier during COD because the items he ordered were deemed inappropriate.

He unloaded the ordered goods in front of the expedition courier with his son. Not only the mother, the child also berated the courier with stupid block sentences.

The courier tried to explain to the mother and child, but to no avail. Mother and daughter still insist that they are right.

They just kept getting angry and saying they had bullied block couriers dozens of times. Worse yet, the mother threw the package while rudely telling the courier to repack the package that had been unpacked.

The mother also made several threatening sentences “if this is torn the cave you injected” “if this is torn you are the one I will kill

Netizens who watched it were furious”his mother is stupid about cod? It’s normal. But his son’s name is stupid too, right? A good cellphone pretends to record but an idiot doesn’t know the COD system” Edo wrote.

Oh my gosh, mother and child, how come their mouths are so rough. It’s useless to wear a hood but that’s the attitude. Poor courier. Abundant blessings to you courier brother”, wrote Lamhot Sinaga.

Some netizens also called for the guard to continue to apologize. This is also a lesson for those who don’t know the COD system, read the Terms and Conditions first.

Do not let either party be harmed. Likewise, the seller should not send items that are not suitable to trigger a fight like this because not everyone has a patient spirit.

Meme Mom Goblokin Courier COD Auto Laughing

Other netizens also made it into a hilarious auto meme. Here’s a row of memes of moms fooling couriers that will make you laugh out loud.

#1. Djoring Salawe Changed So Stupid Salawe – The Mother’s Pocong Picture Replaced

Djoerig Salawe tells about horror events such as the appearance of pocong, ngepet pigs, and other ghost sightings in a Sundanese village.

Well, in the meme that mommy is stupid with the courier, the picture of the pocong is replaced by a photo of the mother in slow motion holding stupid blocks.

#2. Yu-Gi-Oh Card – Stupid Card

Playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards to fill your spare time is fun. Interestingly, this card is often used as a meme if something is going viral, one of which is the video of this mother blocking the courier.

#3. Boiling Water Sound

The sound of boiling water when you boil it in a pot is stupid, stupid block. Well, this netizen made a meme of the mother, what the mother said to the courier was like the sound of boiling water.

mother block cod courier

#4. Champion Says Stupid

Mothers usually win in cooking competitions, social gatherings, or neighbor gossip competitions. But not with this mother, she is a champion in terms of saying stupid.

#5. Esports Team Name

Well, for those of you who still don’t have an idea what to name your mabar team or plan to create a team to take part in the Mobile Legends Tournament or something else, this is suitable.

mother block cod courier

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