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Valorant Night Market is Coming Again in September 2022

The new Valorant skin is expensive, and tempting. But don’t worry, Valorant Night Market is coming soon with lots of discounted prices.

In 2022, Valorant has more than 25 skin bundles that include innovative designs for all weapons.

However, some of the skins are quite luxurious and are priced quite expensive. Riot Games introduced the Night Market in 2022 to make these expensive weapons accessible to many players.

Predicted Valorant Night Market Release Date September 2022

The Night Market will arrive around the second week of September. A new glowing tab will appear on the main menu screen between September 10 and 20.

Instead of spending money on the latest bundles and regular market items, it’s best to save Valorant points for now.

When the Night Market arrived, it brought six skins at a lower price. Riot Games is launching a thrift store after a one-month gap, but the date is yet to be confirmed.