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Valorant Error 43: What Causes Error Codes And How To Solve It?

Valorant is one game first-person shooter made by Riot Games which has grown in popularity since its release. This article will discuss the problem that causes the Valorant Error 43 notification to appear.

Valorant itself since the close beta stage continues to grow with the number of players mining every day. However, players sometimes experience problems when playing games because of bugs and error codes or error codes that are usually found in graphics-intensive video games.

This error code certainly makes players annoyed because they block access when trying to enter the game or are interrupted during a match.

Error 43 is one of the many error codes that users experience when trying to play FPS games. Users are also often greeted with this error code when trying to connect to the game server after downloading a new patch.

What Causes Valorant Error 43?

Valorant error 43 indicates system time out. This usually appears during server maintenance or other server related issues.

Riot Games advises users to restart the game, which is the initial solution for most of the error messages that appear in the game.

How to Overcome Error Code 43

However, some users have reported that they are still unable to get rid of the error code. So let’s go over some of the other options.

Solution 1: Uninstall Riot Vanguard

Valorant Error 43: What Causes Error Codes And How To Fix It?

If restarting the game doesn’t seem to solve the problem, you can try uninstalling Riot Vanguard via the tray icon.

To remove Vanguard, go to the Control Panel on your PC and click on ‘Programs and features’. Right click on ‘Riot Vanguard’ and hit ‘Uninstall’ to remove it.

Next, restart the relaunch game computer to reinstall Riot Vanguard automatically. Restart the PC again and run Valorant. Log in and Valorant code 43 should be gone.

Solution 2: Avoid Switching tabs

Another reason players still get error message 43 is because of multi-tasking. An error will appear when the player presses alt-tab to switch between tabs on the computer.

This is when the game client fails to enter the main menu, therefore the error message keeps popping up.

Solution 3: Contact Support

Contact Support valorant

If you have tried the solutions above and still the error message persists, you need to contact Valorant support as the problem originates from Riot. You can submit a support ticket here

It is also recommended that you check the Valorant Server Status page on Twitter regularly. The goal is for users to update about the problems experienced by the game and about the server.

Well, that’s the cause and how to overcome Valorant Error 43. Hopefully this is useful and the error problem in the game can be resolved soon. If it still appears, you can directly contact Valorant support.