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Valorant Astra : Skill, Release Date and More

Ahead of the next Valorant Episode, the game developer, revealed an upcoming agent that will be featured in the next update. Valorant Astra, an agent from Ghana, is officially seen in action in the latest Valorant video.

Astra’s abilities have been clearly depicted in the teaser video that has been released. Where he is seen entering the astral form.

Allows him to dominate the map by placing stars, which in the process can trigger to either exit as smoke. Or can make concussing or pull them into the Gravitational Well.

Valorant Astra Skill List

Valorant Astra : Skill, Release Date and More

Here’s a list of Astra’s capabilities:


ACTIVATE Stars to form Gravity Wells.

Players in the area are pulled towards the center before it explodes, trapping all players in it.


ACTIVATE Stars to blow up Nova Pulse.

Nova Pulse charges briefly then attacks, concussing all players in the area.


Place Stars in Astral Shape (X)

ACTIVATE the Star to turn it into a Nebula (smoke).


Use (F) on a Star to Eliminate it, returning a star to place in a new location after a delay.

Dispose of briefly forming a fake Nebula at the location of the Star before returning.


ACTIVATE to enter Astral Form where you can place Stars with primary fire. Stars can be reactivated later, turning them into Nova Pulse, Nebula, or Gravity Wells.

When the Cosmic Divide is filled, use SECONDARY FIRE in Astral form to start aiming, then PRIMARY FIRE to select two locations.

The infinite Cosmic Divide connects the two selected points. Cosmic Divide blocks bullets and muffles audio.

The story behind Astra

The story of Valorant begins with an event called “The First Light”. Details about the event are scarce.

The only known fact is that the First Light was the first reported discovery of the rare element Radianite, which changed the entire world and its future.

Radianite is a rare resource that has untapped energy potential. It can be used in various types of equipment with great results.

Radianite can grant special abilities to certain agents. These abilities are very different from each other, with different levels of results. Individuals who have this ability are known as Radiants.

Kingdom Corporation, an organization in the world of Valorant, aims to harness the power of Radianite and use it for nefarious purposes. Kingdom Corporation will be present on every Valorant map.

In order to prevent the Kingdom Corporation and protect Radianite, the shadow organizations formed the Valorant Protocol in response to First Light.

The Valorant Protocol recruits agents. Some are Radiants, while others use Radianite weapons from around the world to complete missions.

The newest agent to join Valorant Protocol is Ghana controller Astra, who is also a Radiant.

When is Astra Valorant Release Date

Valorant reveals a new 15th Valorant agent, Astra, who will join the roster with the launch of Episode 2 Act 2 on September 2, 2022.