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UZI FF Weapons, Details and Tips for Using It

UZI FF Weapon – In a few days, on September 8, 2022, Free Fire will receive the latest update. As usual, there will be new characters and weapons that will be released along with the arrival of this month’s FF update.

One of the awaited updates is the UZI weapon? What does this weapon look like and how do you play it? Read this article to the end.

UZI FF Weapon Details

UZI weapons will be officially present in the FF update on September 8th. Previously, this weapon was introduced in Advance Server.

This weapon belongs to the type of pistol and is included in the Secondary Weapon. His Rafe of Fire is high with the number of Magazines reaching 18.

Because it includes a pistol, the bullets used by this weapon are HG Ammo or pistol bullets. It seems that the UZI will be one of the interesting pistols to use.

Tips for Using Uzi Free Fire (FF) Weapons

Since this weapon is relatively new, the following ways to use UZI FF will be very useful. Immediately, we provide tips.

1# Use in Close Combat or Close-range Games

This weapon is suitable for close range play. With UZI, you will have the opportunity to win more easily. You can use this weapon as a Rush gun.

2# Bring Lots of Bullets

Despite his super power abilities, you need to carry spare bullets. By preparing a backup, you will be safer when playing and not confused when the bullet runs out.

3# Set AIM Correctly

Uzi has a slightly large Spread or Bullet spread, so you should be able to use the Weapon with the best Aim setting.

Septemberbe you have to practice shooting with this weapon later in order to master it. The UZI is very fast when it comes to firing shots and this has an effect when your AIM is a little bummed out.

#4 Using Gloo Wall

The risks faced by Uzi users are indeed quite large and can be dangerous if they make a mistake.

That’s why you need Gloo Wall to make it easier to attack. UZI’s own ability will be maximized if you are right in installing Gloo Wall.