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Tomoo's Danchi Manga Will End on September 4th!

The manga entitled Danchi Tomoo is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by a person named Tobira Oda. Who knows? This manga has apparently been adapted into an anime which was announced in September 2013.

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The ninth issue that has come for this year revealed from the magazine Shogakukan Big Comic Spirits on that Monday, manga creators Danchi Tomoo which name is Tobira Oda will end the manga and will end in the next issue of the magazine that will come on September 4th.

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Manga Danchi Tomoo It tells the story of a fourth grade boy named Tomoo who lives in an apartment complex with her mother and older sister. Because his father left under the pretext of a long-term employment contract, finally Tomoo also fell into promiscuity and soon there were mistakes after mistakes for Tomoo due to his bad friends, however, there are friends who are so kind to him, you could say Tomoo consider someone as a friend to him.

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Manga named Tobira Oda who launched the manga entitled Danchi Tomoo in the magazine Big Comic Spirits in 2003 ago. Company Shogakukan was the author of the 32nd book volume for the manga which was compiled last September.