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Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Spoiler: Osanai Gets Beaten By Mikey With One KO

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Spoiler – Last episode we were shown the beginning of Draken and Mikey’s meeting. Takemici also tries to stop the feud between the Touman gang and Moebius.

However, Takemichi was beaten by Pa-Chin instead. After a while, Moebius’ group came and tried to attack Mikey.

Takemichi sees a very different Osanai in the future. In episode 6 it has been shown that Osanai is a worker filled with fear. He is often scolded by his foreman as if he has no power whatsoever.

Osanai himself used to be a very strong Mebious captain, even Pa-Chin always lost when facing Osanai.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Spoiler

When the surprise attack occurs, Takemichi is still wondering why Osanai has changed 180 degrees in the future. What made him turn out like that?

Seeing Takemichi staring at him, Osanai immediately beat Takemichi very hard. In the second hit, Osanai was stopped by Pan-Chin so he didn’t have time to hit Takemichi.

Takemichi thought that the Draken would die so he had to stop the fighting immediately.

Meanwhile, Pa-chin was beaten badly by Osanai until his nose was damaged and he lost consciousness. But Mikey says Pa-chin hasn’t given up.

But finally Pachin fell helpless and said to Mikey “Sorry I let you down”.

Mebious said arrogantly that Touman lost and Mikey had to kneel. But Mikey was still standing and immediately beat Osanai.

Who would have thought, Osanai immediately fell down with just one hit, like Saitama One Punch Man’s deadly punch.

With the loss of the Moebius gang leader, Osanai, the members of the gang were completely taken over by Touman. Moebius is now under Mikey’s leadership and merged with Touman.

But who would have thought, Osanai woke up from his tepar carrying a sharp broken glass bottle. He pointed it at Mikey furiously.

Will Mikey be killed by the attack from behind launched by the Osanai? Watch the continuation of the story in Tokyo Revengers Episode 7.

You can watch it on the Muse Indonesia YouTube Channel every Sunday at 01.38 WIB. There you can watch legally without a lot of annoying ads.

Muse is a licensed anime streaming service. Visit the channel here