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Tips for Winning Close Combat PUBG Mobile

There are many battle modes available in the PUBG Mobile game, one of which is close combat or close combat mode. This article will discuss tips for winning Close Combat PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile itself as of September 2022 is lined up as the esports game with the largest number of viewers. His income also continues to set new records every quarter.

Because of its success, Krafton is even preparing a sequel to a new game called PUBG New State.

Tips for Winning Close Combat PUBG Mobile

Each battle in the game has its own tips that are different from the others. For example, Close Combat or close combat.

The trick is definitely different and ineffective if used for long-range combat. Immediately, here are a number of tips that you can apply when doing close combat.

1. Jiggle Movement

Jiggle Movement

Tips to win the first Close Combat PUBG Mobile is by jiggle movement. What is a jiggle movement? For those who don’t know, you can read about it here: How to Jiggle Movement in PUBG Mobile

This method is quite effective when used in close combat because thanks to your zig zag movement, the enemy will have difficulty shooting on target.

2. Shooting without Scope

Shooting without Scope

When doing Close Combat, you should avoid using a scope. That’s because when using the Scope, the enemy is jiggle, you will have difficulty targeting the enemy.

Instead, just shoot or the term Hip Fire. Septemberbe without a scope, many players find it difficult because the bullets will be difficult to control.

The solution, place the Crosshair correctly so that the shot can be right on target.

3. Increase Movement

In addition to Jingle, players need to make more active movements and do them randomly so that the enemy is more confused. When playing, you must be alert and observe the movement of your opponent.

For that, multiply movements and combine starting from Jiggle, Jump, Jiggle Squat, and others. But by still paying attention to the Crosshair, so that you can shoot right on target.

4. Pay Attention to Accuracy

Pay Attention to Accuracy

When in close combat, your position with the enemy must be very close even less than one meter. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to take a few steps back.

That’s because usually when dealing face to face with the enemy, the accuracy becomes very bad. Moreover, the enemy’s movements are unpredictable.

5. Use Weapons Suitable for Close Combat

Use Weapons Suitable for Close Combat

In close combat, players using scopes are not effective. Therefore, use weapons that support close combat.

Some suitable weapons are Assault Rifle (G36C, M416) and Submachine Gun (Micro Uzi, Vector). The weapon is recommended to be used because it doesn’t really need a scope, the bullets don’t spread too much.

6. Correct Response and Keep Practicing

All of the tips above will be even more mature if equipped with the right and good response to enemy movements. Comfortable sensitivity also affects good reflexes.

Well, those are some tips for winning Close Combat PUBG Mobile. Finally, everything will not be optimal if it is not accompanied by regular practice. That’s why, don’t be tired to keep practicing, especially for those of you who aspire to be pro players.