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Tips for Using Fragile Resin Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a lot of in-game consumables that must be used efficiently, especially if they are scarce and difficult to collect resources.

Fragile Resin is one of the rare consumables so players should not spend it carelessly.

It is a valuable item when consumed, instantly recovers 60 original resins, and a maximum of 20 Fragile Resins can be used per day.

Players can get Fragile Resin from Adventure Rank and Sacred Sakura leveling or from battle pass rewards. Therefore, it is advisable to use this valuable resource efficiently.

Best Tips for Using Fragile Resin

There is no specific time frame for when players should start using Fragile Resin. But as a general rule, players should store a decent amount of Fragile Resin until they reach Adventure Rank 45.

Reaching Adventure Rank 45 will grant access to a domain that will drop five-star items. Here are tips for using Fragile Resin Genshin Impact.

1. Level-up Talent Book

Tips for Using Fragile Resin Genshin Impact

The Level-up Talent Book was the number one domain that players could get the maximum value by consuming Fragile Resin.

These domains only have RNG in the number of books a player can accept, but the drop quality remains.

This domain uses 20 original resins to claim drop rewards, so using Fragile Resin will allow players to complete this domain multiple times in one day.

Using some Fragile Resins on talent is only recommended at the time of dropping the books players need or if it’s a Sunday where players can collect whatever level-up books they want.