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Tips for Playing Aurora Mobile Legends

Aurora Mobile Legends is a mage type hero with large burst damage. This hero is in great demand because it provides crowd control and is slow. The uniqueness of Aurora is in her passive skill. This time, we will provide tips for playing Aurora Mobile Legends.

Price of Idea will freeze your opponent for 1.5 seconds. However, he also has weaknesses, namely thin HP and low movement. Therefore, this article will discuss tips on maximizing Aurora’s abilities. Just watch until the end.

1. Nuker or Crowd Control

The first tips for playing Aurora Mobile Legends is to determine your role. Do you want to focus on being a nuker who produces big damage or is it a crowd control that will make the enemy difficult thanks to his mage skills.

With this, you can focus on making items that fit the role earlier. If you become a nuker, use items that add magic attack. Meanwhile, if it becomes crowd control, buy items that increase and regenerate Mana.

2. Focus on Frost Shock Skill

Tips for Playing Aurora Mobile Legends

The second tip is to focus on the frost shock skill which will give damage and also a slow effect on the enemy. However, please note that this skill is not easy to execute because it requires the right timing.

However, thanks to a fairly low cooldown of 4 seconds, this skill can be issued continuously and will be very helpful while on the lane. Like to beat creeps from a distance or to harrash opponents.

3. Set Passive Skill Timing

Aurora’s passive skill is Pride of Ice. Every time he releases his skill, the charge will increase. When it reaches 4 charges, the next skill will be released which will give a freeze effect to the opponent.

Well, players can take advantage of this moment to freeze the opponent. Use Frost Shock continuously without crep. The goal is for Price of Ice to be ready before Aurora fights a direct enemy.

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4. Learn Kiting Techniques

kiting mobile legends

All Aurora skills can be said to have a slow and frozen effect. This effect is very dangerous, especially if the player is good at kitting techniques.

What is kitting? The word basically comes from kite. When flying a kite, we need to pull and stretch the kite properly so that it is stable.

In the MOBA world, players are required to attack the enemy but keep moving to keep their distance from opponents who are after you. The goal is that your opponent can’t attack while you can target them by keeping your distance.

So, don’t just stay where you are, but attack, then retreat, attack again, retreat again, hide in the bushes. Keep repeating until the enemy realizes that he is being toyed with and must eventually die.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Use Coldness Destroy

Aurora’s skill is very dangerous because it has a large area, damage and slow effects. However, there are still many who use skills only when there are more than two enemies.

Actually, it’s fine if it’s used even if there’s only one enemy. The important thing is to believe that the enemy can fall thanks to the combination of attacks launched.

When entering the late game, Coldness Destroy’s cooldown is also quite low, less than 25 seconds. Therefore, do not hesitate to use it.

Well, those are some tips for playing Aurora Mobile Legends. Hopefully useful for you users of this one hero.