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Tips for Getting Lots of Headshots in Free Fire

Landing consecutive headshots on opponents in Free Fire is a show of skill unlike any other.

Players who successfully execute this shot have a very high K/D ratio. However, to be accurate in the game, players must have enough hours of practice.

However, increasing accuracy and getting lots of headshots can be done fairly easily. Players don’t have to wait for high flying hours to get better.

They can start applying simple tips to improve in-game skills in real-time.

1. Single Shots or Burst Fire is Better Than Spray and Pray

The most common shooting technique used by Free Fire players in the game is “spray and pray”. This shooting method involves the player using their entire magazine on the opponent to secure a kill.

Unfortunately, due to the inaccuracy of the shot will waste ammunition. Players need to launch a single-shot or shoot in burst fire mode to remedy this situation.

That will ensure that weapon recoil is kept to a minimum and crosshair develops not too much. This method allows players to land headshots easily at any time.

2. Practice In Training Mode By Shooting Moving Dummy Targets

Engaging live targets in Free Fire is a surefire way to get better at landing headshots.

The dynamics are constantly changing and players need to adapt to stay relevant. However, shooting dummy targets in practice mode is a better option.

Since dummy targets don’t shoot back, players can practice shooting them without fear of being eliminated.