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Tips for Choosing ML 2022 Diamond Draw Numbers

Moonton again presents an event that promises to return one hundred percent of diamonds called diamond draw. This article will discuss tips for choosing the ML 2022 diamond draw number.

Before that, we will first review what the Mobile Legend diamond draw event is and how to follow it. Just watch until the end.

What is Diamond Draw Mobile Legends?

Diamod draw or also known as lucky number is an in-game event that offers a 100% cash back prize.

Later, if lucky, players will get back the diamonds that have been spent during the event period.

For example, when a player spends 7000 diamonds, then he has the opportunity to get another 7000 diamonds from Moonton. Interesting right?

Benefits of Participating in the Diamond Draw Event

This event is one of the most awaited by many players. Because it’s free and has the opportunity to get 100 percent cash back on diamonds that have been spent.

There are also many prizes in this game that can be purchased as long as they are available in the shop. Starting from epic skins, heroes and other items that can be brought home for free but conditionally.

Take it easy because the conditions are not difficult. Just need to choose a lucky number before shopping. If you are lucky, all diamonds that have been spent during the event period will return up to 100%.

How to join the event

How to join the diamond draw event? It’s easy, first you have to have a diamond first. Then choose a lucky number. Next, spend your diamonds. The larger the diamond issued, the greater the cash back that will be obtained.

To choose a lucky number, enter the event menu. Then look for the diamond draw event. Continue by selecting lucky numbers. At the end of the period there will be 80 percent of the players who won.

Tips for Choosing ML 2022 Diamond Draw Numbers

Diamond Draw ML 2021, Tips for Choosing Lucky Numbers

source : YouTube Crouzer JoiChiro

Actually, there are no special tips for winning this event. Because it’s hockey aka gacha.

However, there are a few tips from Youtuber Crouzer JoiChiro to win this one event. He provides recommendations for numbers that are often used by other lucky players.

The lucky number is 60 and 40. The other numbers are between 5, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90. According to him these are the luckiest numbers .

Players can try to participate in the ML 2022 diamond draw event twice. If the first one doesn’t work, you can input the lucky number again.