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Tiktok bought Mobile Legends for USD 4 billion or the equivalent of IDR 57.6 trillion

Shocking news came from Mobile Legends. Reportedly, Mobile Legends was purchased by Tiktok through MLBB developer Moonton, which was acquired by the company that owns Tiktok, ByteDance.

ByteDance acquired Moonton through its business unit engaged in the video game sector, namely Nurverse.

Based on information reported by CNN, Tencent had made an offer to acquire Moonton. However, the offer was rejected by Moonton.

Yuanton, CEO of Moonton said the company will operate independently after the acquisition of ByteDance.

Moonton, which was founded by Tencent employees, became popular after releasing a multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA genre game, namely Mobile Legends.

With this, Bytance already has a MOBA game that will compete with two games made by Tencent, namely Honor King and League of Legends.

Since 2022, Tencent and Riot Games have filed a number of lawsuits against Moonton for copyright infringement.

This lawsuit targets one of Moonton’s founders, Watson Xu Shenhua. He was previously a senior employee at Tencent.

Until finally the lawsuit was won by Tencent in September 2022 and gave a settlement compensation of USD 2.9 million.

What happened after TikTok bought Mobile Legends?

Many predict that Mobile Legends will be more popular after being acquired by Tiktok. ByteDance itself has committed to expanding its wings in the gaming field.

Moonton itself continues to grow thanks to its phenomenal game, Mobile legends. He transformed into a large game studio with an increase in revenue every quarter.

Unlike other game developers who release several games, Moonton only focuses on developing one game, namely Mobile Legends. This is a testament to Moonton’s seriousness in advancing this phenomenal MOBA game.

TikTok buys US$4 Billion Mobile Legends

Tiktok itself is now also a much-loved and popular social media all over the world. however, ByteDance is not complacent.

They want to continue to expand their business to the realm of gaming. One of his efforts was to acquire Moonton for around US$ 4 billion or equivalent to Rp. 57.6 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,405).

Bytedance has long expressed an interest in video games. They also started to build a team of developers for this.

Furthermore, they immediately acquired Moonton, surprising news that not many predicted this.

They have already announced the acquisition process. This shows Bytedance’s seriousness to enter the gaming market.

However Moonton under the auspices of Bytedance will remain independent. This was conveyed directly by CEO Moonton through his statement:

“Today, we are announcing the good news to everyone that Mutong has reached a strategic acquisition agreement with Bytedance, and Mutong will be joining the Bytedance family.

Following the acquisition, Mutong will maintain independent operations and strengthen its deep integration with ByteDance in the gaming and e-sports areas.

After this merger, Mutong will continue to operate independently, and I will remain as CEO, and Mutong’s reporting line will not change.

During the transition period, the company will also issue additional transition bonuses and initiate employee incentive programs.”

Thus, this popular game will officially become the property of Bytedance, the developer of Tiktok. Currently, Mobile Legends itself is recorded to have a number of active players up to 90 million.

ASEAN is the main market for this game with the largest revenue contribution of almost 1 billion USD.

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