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Three Realms Gateway Offering Event Guide

Genshin Impact’s Three Realms Gateway Offering event is now here. It takes you to another variant of Enkanomiya, which is filled with disturbing darkness due to Corrosion.

Here’s our Three Worlds Supper guide to help you with this big event for the version 2.5 update.

Three Realms Gateway Offering Event Guide

To gain access to events, you need to complete several requirements. You must reach Adventure Rank 30, completing the Quest Archon Chapter II: Part. II “Empty of Mind, Shadow Annihilation”, and completed the Erebos Secret sidequest.

If you meet these requirements, you can head to Sangonomiya Watatsumi Shrine to meet Kokomi and friends (General Obvious will even give you a pendant).

You’re also told about a certain shrine maiden named Tsumi, and you need to talk to one of the guards to get to the depths.

Now, to be clear, the version of Enkanomiya that you will see at the Three Realms Gateway Offering event is actually a separate zone from the zones you have visited before.

You don’t have to worry about Vishap and all the farming you need to do, because they will still be in the regular zone.

Getting Started And Claiming Rewards

As previously mentioned, this version of Enkanomiya is different from the usual ones. In this place, only Dainichi Mikoshi is a safe area by default.