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This Tokyo Youtuber Cosplay GTA in Real World

If you’ve ever played the game Grand Theft Auto, Yakuza, or the like, you’ll definitely like this one video. A group of Tokyo YouTubers called Komazawa Isolation have taken advantage of the relatively empty streets of Tokyo to create hilarious parodies of GTA-style games.

Video, entitled Grand Theft Gotoku (Yakuza) Solidfeaturing actors who perfectly recreate the incredible movements of 3D video game characters, including a slightly ape-like gait, sudden left and right turns, and stuttering collision detection.

The story begins in Shibuya, where the main character wakes up after being beaten by some bad guys while on a date with his girlfriend. He ended up tracking them down using Metal Gear Solid’s sneak tactics. Yes, cardboard boxes also play a role in this video.

From the performances, to the video shoots, to the CG effects, his work is impressive. It is very visible the effort spent to complete this cool video. It should be appreciated.

What do you think about the video above?