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This is the Most Powerful Hero and Item Counter Estes Mobile Legends

Hero and Item Counter Estes Mobile Legends

META in Mobile Legends game currently still dominated by hero support. In the current META Estes is even the prima donna, replacing hero support others like Mathilda, Diggie, and Rafaela who have never been affected banned.

If you remember 2-3 Season before, Estes wasn’t hero which many players look up to. In fact, back then Estes was considered a
hero frequently used by troll player. In contrast to his current position which is considered to be occupying hero tier S
by some pro player squad.

Estes ability focused on healing can indeed make it support strong when war. What’s more, the effect heal what Estes has does not cover to one
hero only, but to many hero at a time. Therefore, teams playing using Estes tend to focus on war and
ganking instead of doing split push.

Due to ability healing Very high estes, then you need hero which have burst damage big or effect healing reduction high to use as

Well, in this post, I have summarized at least 7 hero
which you can use as counter from Estes. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion below:

1. Vale


Vale is one of the hero mage which have
burst damage which is very tall, on par with Eudora, but has a larger area. When it has entered the phase mid gameor at least when hero it has reached level 8 (when all skill upgrades are active), then Vale’s attack combos will be able to be executed easily.

By selecting upgrade damage on ultimate skills and skill 1, then Vale can bulldoze hero anything in one skill combo, moreover hero support whose lives are not so many and do not have many attributes defenselike Estes.

Vale skill combos can also be said to be easy, because you only need to press skill 2 first (choose the one that can do it).
knock up), if the enemy has been affected knock upthen just press ultimate + his 1st skill quickly. Automatically the enemy will be directly hit damage which is large because the enemy will not have time to escape because it has been affected knock up from his 2nd skill earlier.

2. Kagura


Just like Vale, burst damage owned by Kagura is also very high. In fact, Kagura is far superior in terms of skill effectiveness because all combos owned by this hero can be directed with precision. Unlike Vale, who sometimes just pushes skills.

Due to the high effectiveness of the skill, Kagura can easily do lock to Estes when war. With just one skill combo, heroes support like Estes can certainly disappear immediately in Kagura’s hands.

3. Benedetta


The agility possessed by
be the main factor why hero this can be a counter from Estes. With a lot blink skills At his disposal, Benedetta could easily approach Estes who was often in the back row and immediately beat him with the various skills he had.

Benedetta’s fast attack will also mess up the enemy’s strategy, so that sometimes they even split up from each other, and that will reduce Estes’ role, so that hero you can kill it quickly.

4. Alice


Even though Alice doesn’t have damage as big as Vale or Kagura, but Alice’s ability to directly teleport with her 1st skill allows Alice to immediately surprise the enemy easily.

Alice is also equipped slow effect from ultimate-which can make it difficult for the enemy to escape, not to mention HP regen that Alice will have if the skill ultimate-it hits the enemy.

It was these various abilities that made Alice able to become
counter which is good for Estes. Gameplay Estes who always does ganking Alice can take advantage of, because she can directly teleport to where Estes is while doing
ultimate, so that all enemies affected by the area
ultimate-it will be hard to escape.

Even though Alice’s life could be dying right away, then just use the item winter truncheon because while using the item Alice’s skill will not be canceled. Auto can heal free + give away
damage also to the enemy.

5. Baxia


Recommendation hero The last one on this list is Baxia.
Hero tanks this one may not have damage big one, doesn’t have much effect crowd control also, but there is one effect of Baxia which can be counter of Estes, those effects are Healing Reduction or what is commonly called
Life Drain.

Baxia is hero which has effect life drain innate from
ultimate skills-the one who made hero this can be

for all hero with HP regen tight, including Estes.

Procedure hero this is also relatively easy, when Estes is doing ultimatethen just paste hero it’s with skill 1 then use it ultimate you so that Baxia can immediately reduce the effect healing owned by Estes. That way, even though Estes was doing ultimatethen the effect
healing what he gave did not run optimally because it had been affected life drain owned by Baxia.

6. Luo Yi

Luo Yi

Luo Yi is hero which you can use to give effect burst to Estes very easily.

Only armed with a Yin and Yang combo, Luo Yi can directly give
burst damage in large numbers to Estes even though he was in the last row.

This power of Luo Yi is also more effective when Estes is doing
ultimate, because that’s when his teammates will gather so that Luo Yi’s Yin and Yang combo will be more easily activated.

Not only that, this Luo Yi also has skills
ultimate – Diversion which he could use to make sudden initiations to the enemy before Estes had time to do
back up.

7. Yve


Yve really doesn’t have burst damage big one to stop Estes, but she has an effect slow which was very troublesome to hinder Estes’ movement while in
team fight.

Yes, effect slow from skill 2Void Crystalas well as
skills ultimate – Real World Manipulation Yve’s possession can at least stop Estes’ progress so that your teammates can attack more easily.

The attack range of the skill is far ultimate Yve you can also use for open map so that the position of Estes and her friends can be seen clearly in the folder.

After knowing hero counter-However, you also have to understand what items can be used as counter from Estes. There are at least 2 items that you can use which include the following:

1. Sea Halberd

Sea Hallberd

Sea Halberd is an item that has a passive life drains, exactly the same as effect ultimate owned by Baxia. With this passive, this item will be able to reduce the effect healing on the enemy by 50% for a few seconds.

Sea Halberd is very suitable for you to use against
heroes with HP regen large ones, such as: Uranus, Guinevere, Esmeralda, and Estes.

2. Necklace of Durance

Necklace of Durance

Necklace of Durance, or commonly referred to as NOD is an item with an effect life drain dedicated to hero by type
magicalin contrast to the Sea Halberd which was only meant for physical heroes.

In terms of effect, the Necklace of Durance didn’t have the slightest difference from Sea Halberd. The difference is only in terms of use, NOD for
magicalSea Halberd for physical.


Okay, maybe that’s all from me this time. If any of you want request counter hero What else do you want to discuss in this blog, please write it down request you in the comments column.

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