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These are 5 Heroes & Counter Items for Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends

Counter Popol Kupa Mobile Legends

Popol & Kupa is one of the marksman hero in
Mobile Legends game who is currently popular as a
gold laner. Not without reason, since it was hit
adjustment from Moonton in some patches ago, Popol Kupa instantly became hero which is ideal for being a gold laner.

In META now, Popol Kupa is often even contested because
hero it can outperform power from marksman hero
others such as Beatrix, Clint, and Brody.

Not only that, this Kupa Popol is also very good for you to use as a
hero split push because his ability to destroy the tower is very unreasonable. Just a little careless, your tower is certain to be broken by Popol Kupa’s attack.

Therefore, in this post I will give some
hero and items that you can use as counter from Popol & Kupa. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion.


1. Lylia


Lylia is hero mage which is currently being discussed as hero counter all marksman in area
gold lane
. His ability to give effect slow also supported by burst damage from her skill which is quite high, Lylia often wins
lane of all marksman hero quite easily.

These conditions are indeed very beneficial for your team, because if
marksman hero the enemy has been suppressed since early gamethen they will be very difficult to dominate the match.

However, this could also be a double-edged sword, as Lylia would be very easily hit pick off by the enemy if it has entered the phase
late game. Moreover, in those phases it is possible comeback so big that the enemy team that used hero marksman will benefit more.

Therefore, if you use Lylia in the
goldlane, try to always dominate the enemy area since the phase early game so that your team’s chances of winning are more guaranteed.

2. Natalia


is the easiest solution to overcome hero – hero marksman
like Popol & Kupa. Ability invincibility You can use Natalia to directly beat Popol & Kupa quickly without being detected by the enemy.

Moreover, because the lives of Popol & Kupa are relatively few compared to marksman hero others, making it easier for Natalia to execute.

But the problem is that this Natalia isn’t hero which is flexible to use across all METAs. Therefore, adjust it first with your team’s META if you want to use Natalia as a
counter from Popol & Kupa.

3. Beatrix


For you guys user marksmanBeatrix is ​​the right choice to face Popol Kupa in the area gold lane. Beatrix’s various types of weapons make it easier to dominate
lane from Popol Kupa.

For example, if under stress, Beatrix can still do
clear minions with his sniper rifle. If you want to play barbarian, just use a shotgun to give it burst damage instantly.

No matter what the situation, Beatrix can always adapt which makes abilities laning-far superior to Popol Kupa.

4. Bane


Who knows, hero this one pirate can be
counter which is good for Popol Kupa.

The only Bane ability that can match Popol Kupa is in the skill Crab Claw Cannon his (skill 1). Shot cannon The bouncing bane allows him to give damage to Popol directly.

The tips are very easy, just point the 1 Bane skill to Kupa (the adorable little wolf) and if the skill is right on target, then the ball
cannonit will bounce towards Popol very fast.

Just do that over and over again and as a result Popol will quickly die from getting hit damage ball bounce
cannon Bane is very sick even though the item is not finished yet.

5. Lesley


Although hero this is very underratedbut make no mistake because Lesley can be your choice to overcome Popol Kupa in the area
gold lane.

Lesley has range such a wide attack that he could repay Popol Kupa more easily. Not only that, fashion
camouflage what Lesley got from skill 1 made her able to dodge Popol’s various attacks quickly.

For problems damage there’s no question, because Lesley in META is now being hit buff massive from

If you really like to play marksmanthere is nothing wrong for you to use Lesley when dealing with Popol Kupa.


After knowing hero counternya, let’s move on to the discussion of items counter for Popol Kupa. In this post I will at least provide 2 recommended items, which include the following:

Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature
or commonly known as WoN is an item that I highly recommend when you are dealing with Popol Kupa.

With the effect that can make hero We immune to
physical damage for 2 seconds, this item will greatly support your victory when dealing with Popol Kupa.

But keep in mind also that the item effects from WoN have to be activated manually, so it’s needed timing so that this item can function optimally.



Who doesn’t know Immortality? Items
defense this is indeed very popular used by all
role heroes. The effect of the item that can make hero you come back from the dead it is very useful to increase the percentage of wins while doing war.

Besides that, Immortality it can also be used as
mental booster so that you will be more confident when you do


That’s my discussion regarding hero & items
counter Popol Kupa. Keep in mind that all the contents of this post are the result of my personal opinion as a Mobile Legends players.

Therefore, if there is something you want to add, then just write your opinion in the comments column.

Thank you


Counter Hero Marksman Mobile Legends