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These 4 META Mobile Legends Season 16 Heroes Get Nerf by Moonton!

Because it's too OP 4 Hero META here get Nerf by Moonton

Currently, there are several heroes who are the mainstay when playing ranked matches in Mobile Legends, the heroes starting from Valir, Diggie, Atlas, Ling, and many more. These heroes are considered as META heroes, because their abilities are quite OP. In addition, because it is too OP the Hero also often gets Banned in Mobile Legends. Even so, it looks like the META will end in the next patch update, because Moonton decided to give nerf to the META hero.


Well, the 4 heroes who get nerfs in Mobile Legends are Valir, Ling, Atlas and Selena. Here’s an explanation of why these 4 heroes are on Nerf:

  • Valir: Reduction of damage skill 1 when it explodes from 260-410 to 235-410 damage.
  • Ling: Every time you use skill 2, heal when stabbing will only happen once.
  • Atlas: Defense and Magic defense added when passive is active reduced from 64 – 120 to 45 – 80. Stun given from skill 2 was also reduced from 1.2 to 1 second.
  • Selena: Trap and Catfish get a reduction of 50 damage at each level.

The nerf given this time is actually quite severe for Atlas and Ling, considering that previously the two heroes were very OP to use in Match. The nerf also makes Atlas softer and Ling easier to kill. Well, what do you think buddy? GameZeRO about the Nerf given to the 4 Hero META Season 16 in Mobile Legends?