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These 3 Countries Can't Pre-Register PUBG New State

The sequel game PUBG: New State became a hot topic of conversation on social media after it was launched on Thursday, September 25, 2022. It is believed that this sequel will invite more players. As of September 2022 alone, PUBG Mobile is lined up as the most popular moba game.

Earnings of this game also continue to set a record high every quarter. PUBG is also officially owned by Krafton. This company will of course issue its own version of PUBG which will be different from Tencent.

For Android users, pre-registration has also been opened. You just need to visit the Google Play Store and type in the PUBG search: New State. Then click register.

Later, you will get early access to play this PUBG sequel game. This pre-registration is highly sought after by many PUBG players and MOBA gamers out there. However, unfortunately, there are three countries that do not get access to PUBG New State.

3 Countries That Don’t Get PUBG New State Access

These 3 Countries Can't Pre-Register PUBG New State

Unfortunately, not all countries get access to this PUBG sequel game. There are at least three countries that cannot pre-register, namely China, India and Vietnam.

Why China? Even though there are quite a lot of PUBG players in China, even quite dominating in the global top. The reason is because the country has its own server that does not join the Global server.

Chances are, China doesn’t just give the PUBG franchise an entry without permission from the state. As for India, indeed the country has banned PUBG Mobile along with 100 other applications because it has links with China and alleged violations of Privacy.

Despite the efforts of PUBG users and developers to bring the game back, it seems to be banned anyway. The reason is because of the involvement of China-based Tencent.

But since PUBG: New State was developed by a South Korean company, Krafton Inc, the fate of this game is uncertain. For Vietnam, the reason is not yet known.

However, this is clearly written in the press release where they say “Android pre-registration does not include China, India or Vietnam.

Krafton CEO: Give Full Support to the PUBG Franchise

Meanwhile, PUBG Executive Producer: News State. MinKyu Park gave feedback regarding this new game through a press release. He said he wanted to build on his legacy by creating gaming experiences that transcend boundaries.

Watching the team come together to develop a global product was also an amazing experience he saw.

The CEO of Krafton Inc, CH Kim also said that the PUBG franchise will grow and Krafton will provide full support to PUBG Studio to help them.

“We give full support to PUBG Studio to ensure they continue to grow and present their unique identity that further strengthens their position as a pioneer of battle royale games”, the lid.