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The Vampires Inspire New Manga In Modern Kyoto!

The fifth edition of the Publishing Company Tezucomi Mikro Micro Magazine from Osamu Tezuka start making a new series that is manga Bokutengō owned by Kyōjū Monogatari on Tuesday. This series is inspired by manga The Vampires Tezuka’s.

This manga takes place in Modern Kyoto (as opposed to Tokyo in the previous manga) and centers on aspiring manga creators, Ako Kitayama. One day, while on the platform of a train station, he witnesses a battle between a “hunter” and another young man who can also change. He decided to use the incident as story material for his manga. Ako submitted a draft storyboard for the manga to her editor. But she doesn’t just reject the manga, she says “He told me to take you,” leading Ako to a young man who suddenly appears in the room. The man brought Ako to the head of his clan.

The first part of The Vampire ran in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday Magazine from 1966 to 1967, followed by the second part in Shueisha’s Shonen Book Magazine from 1968 to 1969.

The Vampires Inspires New Manga For Modern Kyoto!

Synopsis of Manga Bokutengō :

“In this unconventional work, a boy named Toppei who can turn himself into a wolf. The story begins when one day Toppei visits Mushi Productions, an animation production company. And persuade the President Tezuka Osamu to hire him. Toppei, who actually belongs to a vampire tribe whose members turn themselves into wolves, has come to Tokyo to find his missing father. The villain of that story, named Rock, discover Toppei’s secret, and then try to plot against Toppei. Meanwhile, the Toppei tribe, which has been oppressed by humans for a long time, is secretly plotting a revolution against them. Toppei and Tezuka Osamu try to stop the revolution, Rock tries to use it for his own evil designs and then the police get involved. Everyone’s intentions are ensnared, and Toppei is in danger of being cornered.”

Tezucomi magazine is celebrating the 90th anniversary since pioneering manga creator Osamu Tezuka’s birth in 1928. The magazine launched last October and will run monthly for 18 issues.

Source: ANN