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The Super Star, Back Delayed Up To 2 Months

Dafunda Otaku – Magazine Shonen Magazine Edge edition September reveal on the day Wednesday(17/04/19) that Manga Shaman King: The Super Starcreation Hiroyuki Takei, back on hiatus. Previous This Manga is on Hiatus for 3 months and will continue 17 September 2022but this Manga is going on hiatus two more monthsand planned to return to September 17. The magazine noted that Takei the mangaka is still focused on recovery of his health.

King Shaman
Yo Asakura

The magazine added that Manga Shaman King: Red Crimson also delayed, and returns to September 17. Manga spin-off it launched on last September.

Manga Shaman King: The Super Star launched in September 2022, after publishing three prologue chapters. Viz Media ever published the first Shaman King manga in English, here’s the story:

When he took a shortcut through the cemetery, Manta Oyamada met a strange boy with headphones and surrounded by ghosts. That child is a teenage shaman Yo Asakura. With the supernatural sword power of the ghost samurai Amidamaru, Yoh fight with Bokuto no Ryu, a gang member who wields a sword. But it turns out that there is an even more dangerous opponent, namely Chinese shaman who want to have Amidamaru.

Shaman King The Super Star Cover
Shaman King : The Super Star Cover

Manga Shaman King debuted in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in the year of 1998. The series ended quickly in 2004and the manga has a reprint version that reveals “True Ending” in the year of 2009. Takei draw a series of short stories entitled Shaman King Zero in the magazine Jump X magazine owned by Shueisha start November 2011and published a sequel series entitled Shaman King Flowers in the same magazine from 2012 until 2014.

Wow, this Mulu delay, but when it comes to health, what can I do…

Source: ANN & Shonen Magazine Edge September issue

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