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The Strongest Weapon in the Elden Ring

The strongest weapon in the Elden Ring has a special place in the hearts of players. It allows the user to hit really hard, but is also quite slow and consumes a lot of stamina.

However, in terms of aesthetics, they are quite attractive, which often makes players fall in love. Until now, there are several weapons that players really fall in love with. Most of them were dropped from the boss.

The Strongest Weapon in the Elden Ring

Players who like to use the power of weapons have a very unique play style. Unlike dex weapons in Elden Ring, players are unlikely to spam attacks consistently.

Learning attack patterns is very important, as the lack of speed of these heavyweight weapons often results in losses.

The following weapons are the best ever in the Soulsborne series. So they should be chosen for those of you who like to fight bosses head-on.

1. Golden Halberd

The Golden Halberd is a polearm type weapon that can be obtained early in the game. It will reduce strength, but also requires a little faith and dexterity.

This weapon has good range and a very hard hit, and its movesets include poking and slashing. The combination of all makes it one of the best weapons to have.

Weapon Requirements: Strength 30, Dex 14, Faith 12

Location: Dropped by the Tree Sentinel boss near the first site of grace in Limgrave.