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The Strongest Rusher On Earth 2022 – The Strongest Rusher On Earth 2022

The following are some of the best FF rushers on earth FF from Indonesia that you should know:

1. Evos MR 05

When the EVOS Capital team won the Free Fire World Cup 2022 tournament last year in Bangkok Thailands, the name Evos became popular and was widely known by other gamers. A man named account MR05 with his real name Regi Pratama from North Sumatra was given the nickname as the Best Rusher in Indonesia by his fans.

Talking about the god skills possessed by MR05 from the EVOS team, there is no doubt about it. The brutal style of play by occupying the Role Rusher position can tear apart the hiding places of opponents or enemies. In 2022, EVOS Esports and First Raiders finally succeeded in becoming Indonesian representatives in the Singapore 2022 Free Fire World Series Esports Tournament with a total prize pool of USD 2,000,000 or equivalent to 28 billion Rupiah which made history as the highest Prize Pool in the Free Fire competition.

2. Dylan Pros

For lovers of Free Fire and Mobile Legends games, you must be familiar with the name Dylan Pros, because Dylan Pros is the best player. And also known as Sultan Pros because he often buys all Bundle items and also items at the Garena Free Fire Shop.

It’s not enough here, Dyland Pros is also known to many people because it has succeeded in reaching the Heroic Tier, where this achievement is due to getting 25089 points and that is a very high point.

For his achievements so far, Dyland Pros has become famous and popular in Indonesia and even in all other countries. This can prove that from Indonesia, Dyland Pros, is the best Rusher in FF. And now Dyland Pros has entered the ranks of the Top Global players on the Leaderboard.

3. RRQ Lagaeloth

The strongest FF Rusher on earth also comes from the RRQ Hades Squad team. This man’s real name is Richard Wiliam Manurung, and this best Rusher has a nickname The strongest captain on earth FF. Sleain that the captain of the RRQ Hades team also has a very good vision, his achievement so that it is known by many gaming players is when Legoelath who has won the DG Golden tiket event held by the biggest Gaming Item Online Store in Indonesia.

4. Onic Amek

For those of you who often watch the matches of a Free Fire game tournament from the beginning to the last season, you must be familiar with the best Rusher FF player named Amek. So at the time of the Season 2 Tournament, Amek had managed to get the title as Rusher Predator who played very barbaric and wiped out his enemies.

Not only that, in addition to his achievement as Top Rusher FF in the Hyper Squad, sometimes Amek also plays a role as a Support Role who plays aggressively. The peak was when he got 188 kills. Now, this is when Squad Onic began to be looked at to take part in tournaments on a national or international scale.

5. Lieutenant Hyper

One of the best gaming youtubers who occupy the strongest rusher on earth ff is Letda Hyper. He has a lot of abilities when he is a Rusher, and his flagship weapon is the Mp40 with very large recoil, but Letda Hyper can use it very well.

Letda Hyper has not made any major achievements because he only focuses on his Free Fire gaming content. Even though he used to be a Pro Player and had resonated with the Bigetron Esports Squad, the sensation was short-lived for him.

For this one, we will discuss which players are the best Rushers in FF in the World class. Well, here is the complete information you are looking for.

1. Black444

Survivors from Brazil have joined the guild sem Guilda and has entered the world’s best players. This Black444 player has a unique tactic in his game, he is able to deal with complicated situations with a sense of calm and not panic. In addition, Black444 has also been dubbed the Rusher with high vision, the game with a percentage of 85% in Solo and Duo mode makes YouTubers from the country of Samba respected by Free Fire survivors around the world.

2. Raistar

The strongest FF player in the world as the next best rusher is named Raistar, he comes from India who has the ability to avoid various attacks from enemies beautifully. Raistar is dubbed as a rusher with an aggressive game and good when shooting at close range.

3. TSG Jash

The country of India has 3 of the best Rushers in the world of FF, the first we have discussed and the second is called TSG Jash. This Jash became a top Rusher in the World because of his very beautiful and good game skills. He has also joined the Two-Slide guild with a Heroic Rank achievement which has accumulated a total of 3354 points. The achievement that TSG Jash got was when he won the prestigious 2022 Asia Invitational event last year.


Coming from India again the best free fire in rusher named SK SABIR, the way the game makes the opponents wry because it has the ability to recognize strategic areas on the Joker card in the Guild and gets a point of 11,704.

5. YgorX

The best headshot and the strongest Rush role are also obtained from a player named YgorX, which can be checked on the accumulation of HS which reaches 85% in Squad mode, while for 80% HS Solo and 82% for HS Duo. The very brutal way of playing and always ambushing the squad alone makes YgorX one of the best Rushers in the world and is greatly feared by his enemies.