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The Story of Lolita Hero, an Elf Full of Curiosity

Lolita Mobile Legends Hero Story

Lolita was born in a village elf very far away, alienated from outside civilization. The village is not very large, but the people are very kind and have never once caused chaos or conflict with other villages. Forest Moonlit Forest that surrounds the village become the only livelihood for residents to find food.

Since childhood, Lolita has been known as an agile child, every day she always plays in the forest, jumps between trees, looks for the fruits she likes the most, sometimes she also goes hunting with her father while learning various things about nature.

Lolita’s life is quite fun, until a disaster comes ruining everything. At that time Lolita was sitting relaxed on a tree, eating fruit while looking up at the very bright blue sky, the sound of birds chirping sounded very beautiful, but suddenly thick black smoke appeared from the direction of her village.

Lolita quickly ran to go home, the closer she was to her village, the denser the smoke that appeared, a sign that there was a fire or other bad thing in that place. Sure enough, when Lolita arrived at the village everything was in chaos, the residents ran in various directions, their houses burned, the previously peaceful village now seemed to be a smoldering hell.

The village warriors fought on the front lines, attacking all creatures whether human or Abbys who came to destroy their village. Lolita could only stare at it all, her eyes quickly filled with tears, especially when she found out that her house had been burned down, her parents were also nowhere to be seen, all the chaos seemed like an endless nightmare to her.

Confused not knowing where, Lolita can only run to the forest area, she now doesn’t know what to do, her parents are missing, her house is burned down, there is no place for her to go home. Her unrelenting crying seemed to be a sign that at that time Lolita had indeed lost her way of life.

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Lolita’s loud cry actually drew sympathy from Dr. Rooney who at that time was looking for plants to be used in various studies. Seeing Lolita’s sweet and innocent face immediately made Dr. Rooney pity, without thinking, he also offered Lolita to come with him back to Euriditio. Lolita also agreed because at that time there was no longer a place for her to go home.

Arriving at Euriditio, Lolita was amazed at the various advanced technologies that were in front of her. In all his life he had never seen these sophisticated machines running, all the things that were in
Euriditio felt foreign to him. Responding to Lolita’s great curiosity, Dr. Rooney decided to put him in
City Guard with the hope that Lolita can become a warrior someday
Euriditio who is great thanks to his great curiosity for science.

Lolita adapts very quickly to the city Euriditio, in a short time now he has become a very talented fighter. Lolita also swears to protect Euriditio so that terrible events like what happened in his village do not happen again. Lolita’s high popularity has finally started to attract the attention of Bruno, the leader
City Guards.

Seeing Bruno’s robotic legs, Lolita was very amazed and couldn’t imagine how much power could come out of the technology. Bruno laughed at that, as long as he was the leader
cityguards, only this time there are people who are amazed by the robot legs. At that time, Lolita was very curious about how Bruno got the artificial leg in the first place. Bruno then told him while looking deeply into Lolita’s eyes.

“That pain, all your suffering in the past looks exactly the same as what I experienced before.” Bruno said to Lolita after he finished telling the story of his past which could be said to be as dark as Lolita’s past.

Before leaving, Bruno offers Lolita a special training to improve her abilities even further. He also said that there might be a special weapon that Lolita can have if she successfully completes the training. Hearing that, Lolita’s spirit was burning. Since being in Euriditio she has never cried over her past again, she has buried all her sadness deep in her heart, never released it, what is visible now is Lolita who is full of laughter and cheerful with a very big curiosity.

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Months later, Lolita finally managed to complete various trainings from Bruno. As promised, Bruno then made a request to the city scientists to give them their most advanced technology crystal named Neumenon Energy Core to Lolita, just as Bruno’s robotic foot technology is now the result of that advanced technology.

That powerful energy core endowed Lolita’s little body with tremendous power. In fact, even the giant mechanical hammer was now lifted with ease like an ordinary stick. With that energy, Lolita is now the second strongest warrior after Bruno who is the main stronghold of the city Euriditio.



I will protect you

I will protect you

I detect war

I hate war

Don’t worry my friends, I am your shield

Don’t worry my friend, I’m your protector

A painless lesson is also mainless

Lessons without pain are meaningless

Life will one day run out on us all

Life will someday stop on all of us


Rocket hammer!

Rocket hammer!


I’ve faced hell before…

I’ve faced hell before…


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Mobile Legends hero story
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