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The Story of Hero Yi Sun-Shin, the Legendary Hero of Paenlong Fleet Leader

The Story of Hero Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends

City of Dragon
is a city located in the northeast Cadia Riverlandsthis city connects Frozen Sea and
Sea of ​​Hope. City of Dragon is the only way for all ships sailing from Northern Vale lead to
Cadia Riverlands and continues southward. The city’s strategic geological advantage for trade allowed it to expand their business overseas, making it a prosperous port and thriving city.

But this bustling city has never had the slightest bit of peace since its founding. Pirates of Frozen Sea and
Sea of ​​Hope repeatedly invaded city ​​of dragons, raiding ports and looting trading ships. People’s Years
City of Dragon under the cruelty of the pirates, until they finally built a strong navy,
Paenlong Fleet As the name suggests, this fleet was used to fight back against pirates and protect trade routes and their homeland.

From this naval fleet, a legendary hero was born who is often called by the name Yi Sun-Shin. Born and raised in
City of Dragon, Yi Sun-Shin grew up witnessing countless horrific tragedies, ships being looted and fishermen being ruthlessly slaughtered by pirates. Therefore, the young Yi Sun-Shin decided to become an admiral and protect his homeland. Yi Sun-Shin spent his entire childhood training and preparing himself for the future. He studied sailing and fighting techniques. He even made a trip to Dragon Altar and gain knowledge from the elders there.

Yi Sun-Shin Quotes

At the age of 18, Yi Sun-Shin finally joined the naval fleet, even though he was only a sailor at the time. In the next decade, Yi Sun-Shin followed the fleet into many battles, traveling between Frozen Sea and Sea of ​​Hope and fight pirates who are fugitives. He displayed unprecedented wisdom and leadership in a battle, and gradually Yi Sun-Shin eventually became the leader of all Paenlong Fleet
which he obtained from the hard work of eradicating the pirates for years.

Under Yi Sun-Shin’s command, the legendary fleet defeated all existing pirates, again and again. Even if there’s something left,
Paenlong Fleet would definitely chase him and finish him off. As a result, now Sea of ​​Hope began to gain freedom and peace after being destroyed by the oppression of the pirates for hundreds of years. The endless attacks of Yi Sun-Shin’s fleet began to make the pirates feel desperate. The despair of realizing that they could not win against Yi Sun-Shin seemed to always haunt their minds. If the pirates still want to return to City of Dragon, then they had to take down Yi Sun-Shin’s powerful fleet. Knowing that they could not face Yi Sun-Shin and his fleet head-on, the pirates began to resort to other means, namely by trickery. Dressed in disguise, the pirates infiltrated City of Dragon and spread rumors, claiming that Yi Sun-Shin was not content with just commanding the naval fleet, but he also wanted to rule the entire
Sea of ​​Hope and City of Dragon fully.

Exactly as expected, the city lords accepted the news as accusations and rumors as truth. In a short time, they then dismissed Yi Sun-Shin from his duties and made him like an ordinary person in general. Seeing this, the pirates finally started to take their plans to the next stage. They started spreading rumors again saying that the pirates had now gathered in
frozen sea, it’s a good chance to hunt them down and finish them all.

Yi Sun-Shin did not remain silent, with all his strength he tried to persuade the rulers not to follow the rumors, but no matter how strong Yi Sun-Shin acted, the rulers still believed the rumors and began to send most of them.
Paenlong Fleet into this mission, leaving only a few ships to protect the harbor. At the same time, the pirates in
Frozen Sea and Sea of ​​Hope have joined forces and set a trap in the north Frozen Seawait Paenlong Fleet fall into the trap. The battle between Paenlong Fleet with the pirates was inevitable, soon after Paenlong Fleet seen, the pirates immediately launched a crushing attack, destroying the powerful fleet quickly without any significant resistance. Without Yi Sun-Shin as the leader, Paenlong Fleet like a ship without a rudder that is easily conquered by pirates. Many people died in the battle and most of the ships have now sunk to the bottom of the deep sea. Flanked by a pirate coalition,
Peonlang Fleet previously known as the strongest naval fleet, now its fate is on the brink.

Immediately after that incident, the pirate coalition immediately sailed to
City of Dragon, threatening to raz the place to the ground. Without a navy to protect them, the townspeople began to fear, many civilians who chose to go to find a safer place, leaving their homeland which they had built with a lot of sweat. Some of the residents even started suggesting that they would give anything to the pirates to spare their lives. It was at this time that Yi Sun-Shin came to protect his homeland once again. With full confidence, he made a speech and restored hope and morale to the people who had lost hope. Yi Sun-Shin mobilized the civilians and armed them in time, and formed another fleet consisting of fishing boats and the few remaining warships.

Yi Sun-Shin Quotes

When the pirate coalition was in front of them, Yi Sun-Shin led this new fleet to confront the pirates. Standing in this final battle made Yi Sun-Shin realize that he would sacrifice everything for the good of his country. Excitedly, Yi Sun-Shin ordered his ship to charge forward and lead the way even though heavy artillery fire was now starting to aim at his ship. Encouraged by Yi Sun-Shin’s heroic actions, everyone began to sail forward and work miracles by defeating hundreds of warships of the pirate coalition with just 12 ships.

The pirates of the two seas were finally destroyed and unable to attack City of Dragon over the next few years. As for Yi Sun-Shin now starting to rebuild Paenlong Fleet for
City of Dragon

and keep an eye on the oceans for the possible rise of the pirates.



Ocean are my domain

the ocean is my territory

My reputation is built on my bravery and loyalty

My reputation is built on courage and loyalty

Duty, honor, and homeland

Duty, honor and homeland

If you can predict the enemy’s move, you won’t be defeated

If you can predict the enemy’s movements, you won’t lose

A good army should be flexible, like water

A good army must be flexible, like water

A true warrior never backs down from a fight

A true warrior never backs down from a battle

Our victory will be decisive

We will determine the victory

Only by facing the enemy can one know his true self

Only by facing the enemy can one know one’s true self

I go wherever the wind takes me

I go wherever the wind takes me

Stay royal, stay humble

Stay loyal, stay humble


Rain down the fire!

Rain fire!


A worthy death for a true warrior

A deserved death for a true warrior

Back to sea

Back to the sea


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