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The Story of the Hero Ruby, the Girl Who is Full of Revenge on the Wolf

Ruby's Hero Story

That night, in the midst of a sprinkling of glittering stars, sat a girl with a giant scythe that was inversely proportional to her tiny body. The girl’s name is Ruby. From the look on his face, it was clear that Ruby was very worried, maybe she was missing Roger, the hunter who had always been a hero to her after she managed to save her village from being attacked by wolves.

Since long ago, Roger has been widely known as a very formidable hunter. His expertise in using weapons is never in doubt, one bullet that comes out of his rifle, then one life is certain to be lost at that moment. With these skills, Roger has repeatedly managed to save the village from hordes of hungry wolves, not to mention that day when Ruby’s village was being massacred by wolves.

Ruby's Hero Story

With all his troops, Roger immediately came towards the village where Ruby lived after he heard the news that Pale Tusk, the wolf king who had been his target for a long time was attacking the small village. But when he got there, what was seen in front of Roger’s eyes were the corpses of the villagers who had been strewn with several wolves tearing the remaining pieces of flesh. Seeing the massacre of the villagers that seemed like hell, Roger’s anger immediately overflowed, Roger quickly moved blindly, eliminating all the wolves that were very brutal, until finally he found little Ruby who was hiding behind the corpses of her parents.

Since that incident, Ruby has lived with her grandmother under the protection of Roger who still lives in the village to protect the remaining villagers, hoping that one day she will find Pale Tusk’s whereabouts to avenge what the wolf had done to the village. That’s when Roger then trained Ruby as a precaution if one day the wolves came back.

However, a few years later, Roger suddenly went somewhere and never came back after that. Many people suspected that Roger had managed to find Pale Tusk and was killed by the wolf king, because according to rumors the wolf was so strong that even the Moniyan knights couldn’t stand it. But this did not make Ruby stop hoping. Every day, after helping her grandmother with her work, Ruby always waited for Roger in front of the village gate, hoping that one day his hero would come back bravely carrying Pale Tusk’s corpse on his shoulders.

Ruby's Hero Story

Days turned, weeks turned into months, and there was never a single sign of Roger’s return. It was a very quiet night, the guards were fast asleep in their posts after celebrating the party, it was then used by Pale Tusk and his gang to attack the village again. They came quickly, ferociously and instantly attacked everyone in their path.

Ruby’s grandmother’s house was also targeted by wolves, some of them immediately entered and attacked Ruby’s grandmother who was fast asleep, but they did not realize that Ruby was hiding behind her grandmother’s body, disguising the smell with the blood of her dead grandmother. Ruby’s whole body trembled seeing her own grandmother being killed by a pack of wolves, but there was nothing she could do, feeling hopeless, at that moment Ruby thought that maybe that night she would catch up with her grandmother to be eaten by the wolves.

However, Ruby briefly recalled the training she had previously done with Roger. Unbeknownst to the wolves, Ruby managed to grab her grandmother’s giant scythe beside her bed and immediately launched her attack very quickly. All the wolves in his grandmother’s house died instantly after being hit by Ruby’s fast attack.

The girl who usually looks innocent, that night turned into a deadly monster with a giant scythe as her weapon to slaughter the remaining wolves. Almost the entire pack of wolves had been exhausted in Ruby’s hands. Behind his seemingly frail appearance was now a shaken and angry soul. Pale Tusk was the only wolf that survived that night. Looking up at the sky, Ruby then determined to avenge all that the wolf had done to her village.

The Pale Tusk herd may not have been defeated before, but that night they came in the worst possible way, so they all suffered the consequences. Ruby slowly regained her senses after Pale Tusk left. But every time he heard a wolf howl, his eyes would be filled with anger again.


The hunt begins

The hunt begins

I love the feeling of chasing prey

I like the feeling of chasing prey

Are you shivering?

Are you shaking?

Taking a life

Taking life

Hmm, a beast or a man?

Hmm, an animal or a man?

I wash my hook with blood

I wash my scythe with blood

The wolf is coming

The wolf has come

I should change my skin of wolf

I have to change my wolf skin


Power of wolf is vanishing

The wolf’s power has disappeared


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