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The Story of the Hero Moskov, the Owner of the Spear of Death

The Story of Hero Moskov Mobile Legends

Moskov was born in the tribe Wildsand in the northwest Agelta. Like most other ancient tribes, they settled in one area for generations, then became nomads living in peace and freedom.

Moskov was a prince of the tribe, but from a young age he was known to have a strong personality, supported by his ambition for adventure, Moskov often traveled in the desert, and from there Moskov was finally able to get acquainted with the prince of the tribe. Artha, Khaled. These two like-minded youths quickly became close friends, always together and happy to discuss whatever crossed their minds.

However, when they talk about the topic of power, the seemingly brave and aggressive Moskov shows a great desire for power and power, believing that having great power is the only way he can protect all he holds dear. On the other hand, Khaleed stated that neither power nor violence could ever solve their problems. For him, morality and justice are the only truths in this world.

Although they often argue because of these differences in understanding, their close friendship has never been affected. No matter how severe the differences they experienced, Moskov and Khaleed remained together as comrades in arms on their expedition to explore the vast desert area. However, the happy days did not last long. The drive for ambition to gain power ignites the flames of war. Ethnic group Thornwolf The very powerful started the conflict when they tried to conquer the lands of the western area as a whole, trying to become the ruthless rulers of the area.

Against the Thornwolf savage beasts, Khaleed and Moskov led their assembled army into a United Frontwhich was then used to carry out massive raids to attack the
firmly. Moskov and Khaleed showed their strength in the battle. With his immense strength, Moskov was at the forefront of attacking all Thornwolf blindly. Meanwhile, with his wits, Khaleed is at the back, devising the tactics to do to win the fight. After the battle was over, Khaleed continued to gain support from various tribes thanks to the extraordinary contributions he had shown in the battlefield, so Khaleed was finally appointed as the leader of their alliance. Despite his courage and fighting spirit which is no less than Khaleed, Moskov’s position is starting to be forgotten.

Moskov considers this whole event a great injustice, he is always the first to be in the battle, often bathed in blood again, but why is it Khaleed who gets the recognition, people believe. Moskov feels that now no attention is paid to him, so finally Moskov decides to prove that the power he has is equal to Khaleed. The unified tribe under Khaleed’s command had won a series of victories, and to change the situation, the para Thornwolf releasing the ancient tyrant named Kufra who had been sealed within Ruins of Tivacan.

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After being freed, Kufra immediately raised a terrifying sandstorm and immediately attacked the enemy with an army of sand monsters behind him. Khaleed’s tribe did not prepare for the event, and for them it was a frightening disaster. At this crucial moment, Khaleed must make a very wise decision, and he must immediately prepare to lead the tribes in an effort to defend their territory and power.

For Moskov, this was the moment he had been waiting for the most. In the midst of the chaos that was going on, Khaleed’s position was so disadvantaged that it was now time for Moskov to prove his worth in front of everyone. Moskov loudly shouted for the tribes to stay, and confronted the tribes Thornwolf and Kufra at the same time. But other tribal leaders belittled his invitation, which greatly insulted Moskov’s pride. He lost all rationale and didn’t want to discuss anything with Khaleed. In fact, with members of his own tribe, now Moskov decided to fend for himself, fighting against Thornwolf and Kufra to the last drop of blood, this was all done to prove that he was equal to Khaleed.

The sand monster faced by Moskov and his troops turned out to have tremendous power. Quickly, Moskov’s troops were immediately razed to the ground by the monsters. As he watched his troops fall in front of him, Moskov began to realize that this action he should not have done. However, he thought that his friend Khaleed would definitely lead his army to help him. As the opposing forces continued to press him, the hope that was in Moskov began to disappear. A sense of regret and disappointment began to emerge, filling his heart. In the end, all that was left was boiling anger and despair over his unjust destiny.

Although seriously injured, Moskov actually managed to get out of the war, it was his troops who protected Moskov with all their lives, but Moskov couldn’t trust anyone anymore. With all his strength remaining, Moskov walked towards the south, following
Crimson Gargantuan what he saw in the sky. He turned out to be planning to throw himself into the gap Abbys. With his body covered in blood, Moskov knelt down and sacrificed his soul before
Great Abbys. Therefore, he was given a weapon in the form of a spear which symbolizes death and destruction. Since then, Moskov has lost his title as a brave desert warrior. Instead, stand up Spear of Quiescence cold and cruel.

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After falling into Abbys, Moskov lost everything, all that remained was the pain and hatred embedded within him. He could only hope to change this pain and use his power to destroy the Thornwolfkilled Kufra, and took revenge for his fallen troops.



The path of vengeance burns me

The road of revenge burns me

Fate is so unfair

Fate is so unfair

Alone for peace in the heart

Alone for peace in the heart

I’ve already fallen to the abbys

I’m ready to join abbys

Death is quiet and pleasant

Death is calm and pleasant

Spear of destiny hit me and will hit you

The spear of fate hit me and will hit you

Struggle and resistance are useless

Struggle and resistance is useless

Everyone changes, so do I

Everyone changes, so do I


I can’t die, not now

I can’t die, not now


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