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The Story of Hero Hilda, The Struggle to Find the Meaning of Megalith Power

Hero Hilda Mobile Legends story

Somewhere where land is ice Northern Vale meet the meadow Moniyanthere is an area named
Megalith Wasteland, it is said that the nickname was given to the area because of a magic circle Megalith, a relic from ancient times. People have to go through it to enter
Northern Vale which is where Hilda lives.

In Northern Vale, where natural resources are scarce, tribal battles are everywhere, just like ice and snow that never melts. The stronger a tribe is, the more hunting grounds they can have. This is very important for the Garland tribe of
Megalith Wasteland. The dangerous and arid geographical location makes the tribes that inhabit the area Megalith Wasteland very hard to survive. However, under the protection of the power Megaliththis tribe continues to survive in the region year after year.

magic circle Megalith the ancients had been there for thousands of years, its creator hoped that the magic circle would trap the Icelandic Golem north of the mainland and prevented them from traveling south. With extinction Icelandic Golemthe magic circle has now lost its original function, leaving ancient ruins within to circulate the power Megalith which has been passed down over the years. Legend has it that only the purest members of the Garland tribe are able to lift the stone disk in the magic circle and inherit abundant powers. Therefore, every time the successor of the tribe reaches the age of 20, they will be given the task of entering the magic circle Megalithwhere they can inherit extraordinary powers to lead their tribes in overcoming enemy threats from the outside world.

Hero Hilda Mobile Legends story

Since she was a child, Hilda has had very high expectations from her mother who is a Megalith Power. Hilda’s mother is the most respected person by her tribe. However, unfortunately, he died in a fight to protect his tribe. Since then, the Garland tribe has lost its protection from megalith power, which then made the tribe a victim of attacks and abuse until it experienced a very bad period of crisis. At that time, the entire tribe put their hope in Hilda to grow up so that she could continue her mother’s struggle and protect her tribe as soon as possible. Hilda also met the expectations of her people. From a young age, he showed fighting talent and strength far beyond his peers. As the years went by, Hilda’s fighting abilities grew more and more powerful until she finally became the only strongest fighter in her tribe.

Several years later, the moment Hilda had been waiting for had finally arrived. He was now 20 years old, and the long-suffering Garland tribe could finally see a bright ray of hope. They also celebrated Hilda’s birthday very lively. Megalith Power that the Garland tribe had been waiting for would be reborn and be able to lead them to a revival. However, in front of the entire tribe, when everyone had high hopes for his abilities, it turned out that the very sacred stone disk could not be lifted by Hilda at all. Everyone was astonished to see it, then in the midst of all that, a tribal elder finally revealed a truth that was quite astonishing. It turns out, all this time Hilda was not the biological daughter of her mother, but only an abandoned baby who happened to be found by her mother and was eventually treated like a biological child.

All the hopes the members of the tribe had given to Hilda suddenly disappeared at that moment. The trust that had given them hope seemed to vanish without a trace in the blink of an eye. Huge disappointment slowly turned into anger and prejudice. They began to ostracize Hilda and constantly insulted her, preventing her from gaining an important position in the tribe.

In her disappointment, Hilda remembers what her mother had said before her death.

Megalith Power is not an inherited power, but an understanding of its true meaning. Every generation Megalith Power has its own meaning. for a mother, Megalith Power is a heart that is steadfast and indestructible, like a stone.”

Immediately after remembering it all, Hilda decided to wander and leave Megalith Wasteland which has always been his residence. In the years that followed, Hilda became a mercenary with no permanent residence, traces of which were originally only found in
Northern Vale until Moniyan Empirehas now spread to the whole area Land of Dawn. In the midst of her adventure as a wanderer, her mother’s words are still very much embedded in Hilda’s mind, in the midst of the difficult obstacles she faces, she never thinks of giving up in the slightest. The dangers and difficulties actually increase Hilda’s strength and forge her into a great warrior.

Even though he had left Megalith Wasteland in a long period of time, a bond with that place has always existed in Hilda’s destiny. One day, Hilda saves a slave who turns out to be one of the citizens Megalith Wasteland. The slave then told Hilda about all the events that had happened to her tribe. It turns out that after Hilda left, the Garland tribe chose a successor Megalith Power
new blood relation. But Megalith Power this is not a good leader. Naive decisions and dangerous operations weakened their tribe day by day, and in the end all members of the Garland tribe were colonized and enslaved by other tribes.

Hero Hilda Mobile Legends story

Despite having been doubted by her tribe before, until now Hilda had never hesitated to return to Megalith Wasteland to restore the good name of his tribe that had been lost. Armed with all her experience as a mercenary, Hilda attacks her opponents without hesitation, defeating other tribes to free the Garland tribe, and leading them to rebuild their land. After what Hilda had done, the tribe members finally understood that the condition for one to become a leader was not by using bloodline, but by proof and strength. Since the Garland tribe had attained enlightenment, they finally accepted Hilda and hoped that she could stay and carry on the legacy Megalith Power.

However, Hilda surprisingly refused their invitation to stay, and chose to go to a foreign land once again because her mother’s words were still in her mind. Megalith Power of each generation have their own meaning. That indomitable heart was given by her Mother, although later Hilda might find its own meaning, and she was sure of it.



Fight… Fight for the ultimate answer

Fighting… Fighting for the final answer

A true warrior would give life to the things she wants to protect

A true warrior will fight for the thing he wants to protect

I have to be strong enough to shelter my people

I must be strong enough to protect my people

Where to next?

Where next?

Hah! My ax begs to differ

Hah! My ax asks to be different

If only I had the power

If only I had the power

I’ll carry my fate to the grave

I will take my destiny to the grave

Mother, I know you are watching over me

Mom, I know you’re watching me

Forging ahead is the only way for me to escape the past

Moving on is my only way to escape from the past

A warrior strength comes from everything she loves

A warrior’s strength comes from everything he loves

Icefield warrior don’t bring shame upon our ancestors glory

Icefield warriors do not disgrace the glory of our ancestors

I will not be honored the name you gave me

I will not insult the name you have given me

ForeFathers, I need my answer

Ancestor, I need my answer


The past is the past

Past is past


I die a warrior

I died as a soldier


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Mobile Legends hero story

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