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The Story of Hero Estes Mobile Legends, Elf King Leader of the Moon Elf Race

Story of Hero Estes Mobile Legends

In area Moon Elfthere is a place in the west
Moonlakethat’s the place where there is
Emerald Woodland legendary that is the birthplace of the first generation of para elf. Every Elf King born in
Tree of Life which is right in the center Emerald Woodland.

Estes is Elf King in the present. He’s been asleep for a long time in Emerald Woodland after being seriously injured while fighting in the
Plane War second. Estes did have to sleep to heal her wounds, but she had never slept this long in her reign.

During that recovery period, the Moon Elf lost a leader. Even during the war between Humans and orc from the squad
Abyss whipping, Estes was never seen once open her eyes, even though at that time the para elf was greatly affected by the war.

Estes Mobile Legends Quotes

Nation elf actually never had any business with Humans or Abyss. However because at that time the troop line
Abyss through the para area Moon Elf, then conflict is unavoidable. On orders from Alice, the troops Abyss fiercely directly beat the troops moon elf, destroying the peaceful forest area with the flames of hell that will never be extinguished.

Fortunately, with her persistence, Miya, the Moonlight Archers, managed to survive and gather the elf left to protect their homeland. Miya swiftly ordered the whole army Moon Elf to gather and focus on saving the remaining residents. Even though they know that the strength of the army Abyss far superior, yet there was no reason for them to back down.

“Attack!” Miya’s shout ignited the spirit of the troops Moon Elf in front of the Abyss which is now increasingly cornering their position.

Seeing the condition of the elf increasingly cornered,
Dominator of the Dark Abyss, Alice, is very thirsty to increase her army and take on more powerful dark forces. Seduced by seduction
Blood Queen Alice’s, some elf started to fall. The fate of the race Moon Elf is now on the brink. There’s no more hope for Miya, Alice’s demons are now starting to eat away at the troops one by one
elf who still dare to fight. Those who have been bitten turn into Abyss and start attacking elf other.

Defeat is in sight, but Miya’s fighting spirit is still burning. With his arrow weapon, he was still trying to finish off the
Abyss which come. Para Moon Elf The survivors began to pray for Estes’ help to quickly get up from his long slumber.

Sure enough, as if hearing the suffering that was being experienced by her people, Estes suddenly woke up from her long slumber. On that night filled with lightning flashes, the Elf King The Great One finally opened his eyes. He is someone who is firm but very generous, one who deserves the power of Sacred Moonlight to protect his people and help his friends. With
Code of Light in his hands, Estes vowed to repel any opponent who dared set foot in his homeland.

As Estes woke up, the troops Moon Elf who had been desperate suddenly rose again. They believed that Estes’ resurrection would bring good fortune to the race’s survival Moon Elf. With her magical power, Estes miraculously made the whole army
elf recover from their various injuries. As a result, troops Moon Elf succeeded in repelling the troops Abyss and force them to leave the area.

Estes Mobile Legends Quotes

From then on, no one dared to disturb the whereabouts of the
elf. Be it human or Abyss, they didn’t want to provoke the slightest emotion from Estes’ intimidating gaze. Finally, once again racial peace elf successfully restored.



Hello, my friend

Hello my friend

I am the choosen one

I am the chosen one

Bath in the holy light

Bathe in holy light

Love others as loving yourself

Love others as you love yourself

Holy light will grant me victory

The holy light will give me a victory

Darkness is the right hand of the Light

Darkness is the right hand of Light

Who says a Dragon Tamer can’t be graceful?

Who said a Dragon Tamer couldn’t be graceful?

Let’s get this over with. I’m starting to get bored

Let’s get this over with. I’m getting bored

Everyone has a burning spirit

Everyone has a burning spirit


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