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The Story of Hero Cyclops, The Tiny Giant Space Explorer

Story of Hero Cyclops Mobile Legends

Cyclops is a giant on his home planet. Since childhood, Cyclops had a great obsession with the movement of stars which then made him wonder about the existence of life in outer space. This obsession makes Cyclops always hope that one day he can venture into space, and leave the planet where he lives that feels smaller every day.

As a giant who has a large body, the population of the Cyclops race on his home planet is not so much. This makes Cyclops feel lonely, because since childhood he did not have many friends.

Every night, only stars are Cyclops’ confidants. Under the sparkling starlight, Cyclops always pours out all his heart while hoping that someone will answer all his complaints so far.

Sometimes, Cyclops also sees other planets starting to appear in the sky. “Just you wait, one day I will come there, and I will become a ruler.” Cyclops said to all the planets he saw.

As he got older, Cyclops began to make various breakthroughs that supported him to travel to outer space. Armed with his knowledge of the unceasing motion of the various planets, Cyclops managed to create a container of extraordinary magic power which he named after him. “Starsoul Magicians”. The magic power absorbs all the movements of the planets around it into energy which is then used by Cyclops to conduct space exploration.

For the first time, Cyclops is finally able to venture into outer space, looking for various planets for him to dominate and extract energy from. However, all of the planets he had managed to visit had turned out to be devoid of a single sign of life, making him feel lonely again.

Even so, Cyclops never gives up, he still believes that there are many planets out there that have life and are waiting for him to dominate. Powered by his rekindled spirit, the Cyclops gathers vast amounts of energy from the planets around him to teleport to outer space even further, further than he has ever done before.

Words of Hero Cyclops Mobile Legends

After accumulating immense magical energy, Cyclops finally managed to teleport to Land of Dawn. Arriving there, Cyclops was immediately greeted by
Aurora who didn’t seem happy to see her coming.

The battle between the two was inevitable. Without saying a word, Aurora showered Cyclops with attacks, and vice versa. Facing Aurora’s relentless attacks, Cyclops feels very happy because this is the first time in his life that he has fought an equally powerful enemy. From then on he was determined to defeat all enemies in Land of Dawn, then takes his energy to look for another planet that has even more formidable life for him to conquer.

“I came, I saw, and I mastered it!”


Words of Hero Cyclops Mobile Legends


You got a good taste

You have good taste

Yes, Cyclops is an Astronomer

Yes, Cyclops is a star master

Ever seen someone handsome with one eye?

Never seen someone handsome with one eye?

Planetary movement, give me magic

Planetary movement, give me magic

Hey, I’m here big guy

Hey, I’m here big man

Where there’s life, there’s movement

Where there is life, there is movement

The stars are my eyes

The stars are my eyes

Universal gravity determines planetary interaction

The gravity of the universe determines the interactions between planets


Don’t run!

Do not run!


Oh my, I’m bleeding

Oh no I’m bleeding


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