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The Story of Hero Chou, the Kind-hearted Kung-Fu Master

The Story of Hero Chou in Mobile Legends

Chou was born in a remote slum area in the center of poverty, the area where Chou lived has long been known as an area far from prosperous. Despite his dire economic conditions, Chou still maintains a kind heart. Day after day Chou continued to look after everyone there with enthusiasm, sincerely comforting them so that all the difficulties they were facing instantly disappeared, covered with sweet smiles of sincere happiness painted on each of their faces.

Most of the residents in Chou village only make a living as scavengers. Every day, they pick up all the scrap metal that comes from the area Euriditio. The concept of simplicity has become a lifestyle for all the villagers, all are equal, life is miserable, but they can still laugh, enjoy ephemeral happiness with Chou and the other villagers.

However, one day there was a shocking news coming, many people said that a great chaos and riot was now sweeping across the region Land of Dawn. The chaos spread quickly and finally began to affect the remote area where Chou lived. Everyone started to panic, they ran away from the village, looking for another safer place to live. Even so, Chou still stayed behind, unlike the other villagers, Chou still tried to help everyone who needed help.

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At that time a monk seemed to be running while asking for help, from a distance there was also a group of people who seemed to be trying to chase the monk. Chou swiftly came and confronted them, even though Chou didn’t have the slightest martial skill, he still tried to fight for the monk’s safety. As if getting a miracle, Chou managed to beat them with his bare hands, then he invited the monk to rest in his very simple house.

In return, the monk gave Chou ancient Asian Kung-Fu abilities. At first, Chou had doubts about the monk’s offer. Deep down he thought that it was inappropriate for him to gain knowledge from the monk just for helping him. However, as the monk continued to insist, there was nothing more Chou could do, so he finally started his training as a Kung-Fu expert under the monk’s teachings.

Every day Chou received various rigorous training, his body strength was now even more than ten times stronger than before. But that’s not enough, Chou is also required to master various moves with even more difficulty. His body was often injured due to the training, but that didn’t dampen Chou’s spirit in the slightest. After all, this is all for his good so that later he can save many people.

Quotes Chou

Years later, Chou finally managed to master the last move. That move he named “The Way of Dragons” because its movement looks like a dragon that is flying snaking through the sky while pounce on its prey. After that, the monk told him that this world needed a real hero who fought to end all the chaos that was now happening. Chou then swore that he would start his journey in Land of Dawn to become a true hero. When Chou left, the monk seemed to nod before finally disappearing into the fog.



Wipe out fully injustice in the world

Erase all injustice in the world

Empty your cup and order to fill it again

Empty your cup so it can be refilled

The man who can beat me has not yet been born yet

Someone who can beat me is still not born

Knowing is not enough, we must apply

Knowing it is not enough, we have to do it

Not knowing oneself, that’s the worse

Not knowing yourself, that’s the worst

Boxing is not a way to hurt somebody, but in order

Boxing is not a way to hurt someone, it’s for order


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