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The story of the Hero Aurora, the Queen of Ice and Snow Control

Story of Hero Aurora Mobile Legends

Aurora was born in a great and terrible windstorm. Many people think of him as a child given by God, because since birth Aurora can control ice and snow through the grip of her hand. It is said that when she was a baby, Aurora even froze the entire Nost Gal area with just one cry. When she reached adulthood, Aurora was crowned as the queen of the land of Nost Gal, which is the land in the northernmost region Land of Dawn.

This Nost Gal Plain covers the whole area Frozen Sea which has historically been the site of a bloody conflict between
Franco. However, so far Aurora has never interfered in the conflict, because she has been assigned to be
Guardians of the Land of Dawn, tasked with protecting the entire territory Land of Dawn from foreign powers or monsters.

Aided by her strong knight and army, Aurora has managed to deal with all threats that come with ease. Until finally came Zhask, the dominator of the planet who likes to dominate and kill all living things on the planet he meets. Different from other aliens, Zhask came to dominate and kill, without the slightest compromise. With his immense power, Zhask turned the once beautiful land of Nost Gal into a sea of ​​blood from Aurora’s army.

Seeing Zhask’s cruelty, Aurora immediately ordered all the members
Guardian of the Land of Dawn to gather. They began to devise a ploy to either kill Zhask, or expel him and imprison him on a remote island at the edge of the Nost Gal region. Their first tactic was to try to kill Zhask. All the strongest troops from all over the region began to be brought in to provide reinforcements, various sorcerers were gathered to make a killing spell for Zhask, but it all ended in vain. Zhask’s matchless strength managed to defeat them all in an instant. Even Zhask can kill three members of
Guardian of the Land of Dawn in this event.

Quotes Aurora Mobile Legends

Various ways have been done by Aurora, but all of them only lead to failure and death. Now the only ploy left is to lock Zhask to a remote island at the very edge of the Nost Gal mainland, but Aurora doesn’t know how to make it happen.

Zhask’s strength is getting stronger every day, while Aurora’s is getting weaker. Now only he and his escort knights are the only hope for Guardian of the Land of Dawn to win this fight. Inevitably Aurora must step forward and face Zhask in battle to be able to defeat him head-on.

“Ohh, the snow white has finally come to be my meal.” Zhask said when he saw the arrival of Aurora in front of him.

“Let’s end this now.” Aurora shouted loudly, answering all the challenges given by Zhask.

The battle between the two was inevitable. Assisted by her knights, Aurora withstands all the onslaught of attacks from Zhask that are relentless. In his lifetime, this was the first time he had faced such a formidable opponent, who could even defeat his entire army in an instant. There wasn’t a single loophole that Aurora could use to counterattack, from the start there wasn’t the slightest possibility for her to win, but there’s no way Aurora can do it anymore because she’s the only one.
Guardians of the Land of Dawn the remaining.

In her despair, Aurora could only be silent. It turned out that all this time it was his companion knight who had done everything for him, not a single victory had been obtained by Aurora through her own hands. All of his fallen troops had only met a pointless death, and he could only watch it from a distance, devising a ploy that not even a single one of them had managed to do. At that time, Aurora’s knight had started to lose strength, in the last second he said that everything Aurora thought was not true. He reminded the rumors that once circulated that Aurora could freeze the entire Nost Gal region with just one cry. Therefore, there was no reason for him to give up, it was not time to lose yet.

Zhask’s immense power finally pierced through Aurora’s escort knight’s shield, killing her and slashing Aurora’s arm sadistically. The pain of losing an arm and someone she loved the most made Aurora’s emotions suddenly overflow, quickly the entire air around the place became cold, the rivers that flowed swiftly turned into ice in an instant. With a snap of his finger, the entire area instantly froze, not to mention Zhask who was now trapped in a very thick chunk of ice.

With her ice powers, Aurora managed to confine Zhask, then took him to be exiled to a desert island, just like the plan he had previously planned. However, the sacrifice required was too great, the entire army of Aurora and her guardian knights were killed, and now only she was left on the cold plains. Aurora’s arm that was cut off by Zhask has now been replaced with an ice arm, and to treat her loneliness, she made an ice sculpture similar to her companion knight who would always accompany her wherever she went.

Quotes Aurora Mobile Legends

Since that incident, Aurora has turned into an arrogant person and does not want to accept help from anyone. But all that he did so that no one else had to die in his hands.



Listen to the sound of snowing

Listen to the sound of snow

Small and white, clean and bright

Small and white, clean and bright

Stronger than yesterday

Stronger than yesterday

Rage on hurricane

Rage over the storm

Come with the wind

Come with the wind

Ice doesn’t fear

Ice is not afraid

Want some ice?

Want some ice?

Follow your heart

Follow your heart





The ice…melts away

Ice… melting


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