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The Shadow Red Bundle FF, Here's How To Get It

Garena Free Fire always presents new items from time to time, one of which is The Shadow Red Bundle. So how do you get The Shadow Red Bundle FF? We will discuss it in this article.

Actually, this one bundle was released in the previous season. But the bundle disappeared. Until finally in the latest Free Fire update, this one item reappeared in the Titan Dice event.

What is Bundle The Shadow Red?

Previously, this Bundle had been released. Precisely in season 12 at the Spirit Squad event. He was also present to enliven the 2022 Brazil World Championship Free Fire. Now, the bundle will reappear in 2022 in the Dice Titan event with the AOT theme.

How to get it at the Titan Dice Event

The Shadow Red Bundle FF is not available for regular items. So, to get it, you are required to take part in the Titan Dice event and win it.

Actually, the main prize of the event is a new weapon skin, the M1014 Attack on Titan. However, in addition to the main prize, there are many other attractive prizes, one of which is The Shadow Red bundle.

Here is the complete list of prizes:

  • M1014 Attack On Titan (grand prize)
  • P90 Attack On Titan
  • Bundle The Shadow Red
  • Great Graceful Bundle
  • Scar Cupid Weapon Loot Crate
  • Loot Crate M1014 Underground Howl
  • Swallowtail Weapon Loot Crate
  • incubator vouchers

The way you have to login to the Titan Dice event. Later there will be 2 spin options, 1 Spin for 20 Diamonds and 5 Spins for 90 Diamonds. The prizes that will be obtained are random, you can get tokens or other prizes.

For those who don’t want to be complicated, just exchange them for tokens because this Bundle is priced at 3 tokens. If you have collected 3 tokens, go to the shop to reedem. Later, you can immediately take The Shadow Red Bundle home. But, if your target is M1014, you need 8 tokens.

Do not miss. Titan Dance event that is taking place 30 September to 5 September 2022 and aim for the The Shadow Red bundle you want. Prepare as many diamonds as possible for the opportunity to get the main prize of this event.