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The Reason Why Female Gamers Are Treated Better In PUBG Mobile Compared To Mobile Legends!!

There are a number of reasons why female gamers are treated better in PUBG Mobile than in Mobile Legends. Starting from the different rank systems used by the two games.

Until the Winrate Stats are more difficult to obtain than rank. Here we describe in full.

1. Female Gamers Are Treated Better In PUBG Mobile – In Mobile Legends Only Know Lose/Win

Life or death

As we know Push Rank is not an easy thing to do, especially in Mobile Legends which has a ranked system that is “On or Off” aka Rank Up or Down so it’s not like PUBG Mobile which doesn’t always have to WWCD to add their Rank points and can still rank up.

2. The Difference Between The Objectives That Must Be Achieved To Win The Game

Turret/Base vs WWCD

As we know, the objective in the moba world is the final turret of the enemy base, to destroy the enemy base it requires basic knowledge of micro and macro from moba-moba games like Mobile Legends.

This is a big problem because if there is someone on the team who doesn’t understand the basic mechanics of the moba game, then the team will find it difficult to win the “Team Fight” or push the opponent’s turret so that moba games require very large coordination between teams.

In contrast to Battle Royale Games such as PUBG, which has an objective to at least survive until the number of people who survive are determined in order to be able to rank up or succeed in getting the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD).

Moreover, in PUBG Mobile, you can still play “ngendok” or you can also call it avoiding enemies and not actively combating and can still get rank points (albeit a little).

3. Female Gamers Are Treated Better In PUBG Mobile – Differences in Game Mechanics and Strategy

Micro, Macro, Reflex, Aim?

First, we will discuss the PUBG game mechanics, the mechanics in the PUBG game are mostly Teamwork, Aim, Positioning, Reflect, and Map Awareness to be able to survive in the zone and get WWCD.

Next we will discuss about the mechanics of the Mobile Legends game, Macro, namely Map Awareness and Desicion Making for the entire game, starting from creeping, rotation, when to “Split Push”, and when to start a war. Next is Micro, mastery of hero power and the effectiveness of using the skills of the hero used.

This is very influential on the game being played because the maximum damage output and skills that can be issued by heroes and roles from Mobile Legends are different, so if one of the roles doesn’t work properly it will be difficult to do a combo to win the war or destroy the base. enemy.

4. Winrate system that is too highlighted in the Mobile Legends game than in PUBG MOBILE

Winrate stats that are harder to get than rank

The Winrate system that is too highlighted in the Mobile Legends game makes Mobile Legends players afraid to use their favorite heroes if they have a high MMR and moreover, not only will the rank go down but the winrate statistics (hero winrate and overall) that have been hard to achieve will also decrease. .

This is what causes Mobile Legends players to be very upset if they lose, especially using their MMR heroes.

This article was not created to distinguish between which games are more difficult, each game has its own level of difficulty and cannot be distinguished.

There may be games that have a higher dependency between friends, but that doesn’t mean the game is any more difficult than other games.