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The Most Used Genshin Impact Character in Spiral Abyss Floor 12

The 12th floor of the Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact became famous for its difficulty. Clearing the 12th floor is even more challenging if you don’t know which character to use.

Luckily, you can clear this floor by referring to the characters used by pro players to clear the Spiral Abyss.

All the data came from about 16,000 people who had defeated the 12th floor in Genshin Impact. Usage Rate is based on how likely the player will be to use a certain character.

1. Ayaka (85%)

The Most Used Genshin Impact Character in Spiral Abyss Floor 12

Ayaka is currently the most used character on Floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss, thanks to her kit. Her easy ability to cryo out enemies and an elemental blast that can deal massive AOE cryo damage make Ayaka one of the most-picked characters on the team.

The most commonly used artifact set for him is the 4-piece Blizzard Strayer by a large margin.

The artifact deals extra cryo damage and also allows players to focus more on crit damage.

With Mistsplitter Reforged as her mainstay weapon, Ayaka can also utilize various other four-star or five-star weapons.

2. Qinqui (84%)

Xingqiu is the best hydro-support in the game, becoming stronger with multiple constellations. Typically used with pyro characters for vape reactions, Xinqiu has the potential to outperform some five-star units in terms of utility.

His most frequently used weapon is the Sacrificial Sword. Currently, the data shows that the most frequently used artifact sets for him are the two sets of Noblesse Oblige and Heart of Depth.

But you can also try the 4-piece Emblem of the Severed Fate on him.