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The Most Expensive Free Fire Weapon Skin, Here's the List!

Free Fire is a MOBA game that is in great demand. Well, this article will discuss the most expensive Free Fire weapon skin. What’s wrong?

Free Fire often collaborates with various parties, such as Money Heist, Joe Taslim, and finally, it will soon collaborate with the popular anime series, Attack on Titan (AOT). This is the advantage of this game made by Garena.

Various skins are presented at various prices from cheap to sultan. Actually, the high price of the item is not from the price, but from the number of spins. Where players need to spin many times to get the targeted skin.

Here we summarize some of the most expensive PUBG weapon skins released by Garena Free Fire.

The Most Expensive Free Fire Weapon Skin 2022

1. Scar Megalodon Alpha Lv Max

Scar Megalodon Alpha Lv Max

In the first place, there is a Megalodon Alpha scar. Actually, the price of Megalodon’s basic skin is only 1332 diamonds. In fact, if you are lucky you can get it with a few diamonds, only a few spins.

If converted into rupiah, 1332 diamonds are equivalent to Rp. 250 thousand. What makes it expensive is the price of the upgrade. We have discussed this in an article that we made previously, you can read about it here: SCAR Megalodon Alpha Becomes the Most Expensive Skin on Free Fire, Almost 3 Million!

2. The Skull Hunter

the Skull Hunter

The most famous skin from Legendary Royale has quite a lot of fans. That’s because the bundle is rare and the price is not cheap.

To get it, players also need to spin the Legendary Role. The fee for the Low Odds version is 80 diamonds for one spin. While the High Odds version is priced at 320 diamonds per round.

Many gaming Youtubers try to get this skill and can only succeed after spending 15,000 diamonds or the equivalent of Rp. 2 million. That’s just the basic skin, it hasn’t been upgraded to the maximum level.

3. AK Blue Flame Draco

AK Blue Flame Draco

AK Blue Flame Draco is the first Evo Gun released on Boyah Day. The fantastic price makes many Youtuber Gaming interested in buying it. Just like Megalodon, what makes it expensive is the upgrade price.

To raise to the maximum level it takes 14,500 diamonds. First, players need to spin first to get the basic skin. You need to issue 9-1999 diamonds to spin.

Then, it is continued to upgrade to the maximum level or 7, it takes 14,500 diamonds or if converted it almost touches Rp. 2 million!

Those are some of the most expensive Free Fire weapon skins released by Garena. Wow, that’s fantastic and only the sultan wants to buy this super expensive and exclusive skin. We can only watch, guys.